Updates on Ross' Lawsuit and Other Transplant Lawsuits

Updated: Jul 11

Ross' lawsuit filed by Pacific Justice Institute, article by The Epoch times

Or you can also read about Ross' lawsuit filed by PJI here, article by Your News

Alisa Campau gets her VICTORY, lawsuit filed by We The Patriots USA, article by News Wire

Ross is one of GOFM's long time supporters. Please send a donation for his lawsuit directly to Pacific Justice Institute to support his continued legal battle and bring him to VICTORY as well.

Our donate button today will take you directly to their donate page.

Ross is also running for County Commissioner in Oakland County. He is looking for some volunteers to help him with his campaign. If this is you, please contact Ross directly via the contact information on this post.

GOFM does not give political endorsements of any candidate. We do however encourage you to run for local office and help those that are.

Want to help Ross with his campaign?

Contact him directly...

Email: ross_barranco@hotmail.comSubscribed

Phone: 810-513-6696

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