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Update: CTA for Ross Barranco's Lawsuit Against U of M!

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

CALL TO ACTION: December 1, 2022 (Thursday)

Update from Ross Barranco:

My and my co-plaintiff's court case against U of M for denying our religious exemptions from the shots and throwing each of us off of the kidney transplant list.

The case will be heard Thursday December 1st at 1 pm, at the Michigan Court of Claims, Michigan Hall of Justice, 925 W Ottawa St., Lansing, MI 48925.

We are requesting volunteers for a peaceful, respectful, non-political prayer vigil from noon to 1 pm, and then to quietly fill the courtroom at 1 pm. We need to draw positive media coverage. Please do not come to disrupt the trial.

GOFM was the connection for our GOFM supporter Ross, to Dave Peters of Pacific Justice Institute. We have been helping by also donating to Pacific Justice Institute with donations from our GOFM supporters. We have also asked that our supporters that feel led to do so, donate directly to Pacific Justice Institute. Pacific Justice Institute works pro-bono for their clients and relies on grants and donations for support.

Ross has requested that Joie preside over the prayer vigil on Thursday December 1st from 12:00-1:00 pm. She has accepted the offer and is honored to do so. Joie is looking for a small team to help her with this. Please email GOFM with the subject: Prayer Vigil with your information and interest. Thank you.


Lastly, please share this with everyone in Michigan. This is a landmark lawsuit and we need to show the judges and all the other public servants that we will not stand for such injustices! Show up in droves so we cannot be ignored.

Most importantly, pray over this case. Pray for favor on the side of We the People in this case, favor for the plaintiffs, the attorneys at Pacific Justice Institute especially, Dave Peters. Pray for favor from the judge with the plaintiffs. Pray that justice is served and the hearts of the evil doers are ministered to and changed. Only Jesus Christ can transform them. Pray earnestly and sincerely. Thank you.

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