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Update #3 From Ross About His Court Case

1.24.2023: Ross does not have court on Thursday January 26, 2023. Do not show up!

We will update when the new court date is set. Thank you.

1.16.2023 From Ross: "Both sides have submitted their responses to the judge. The judge is reviewing their arguments and doing his due diligence.

I request your attendance at the prayer vigil and to pack the court in a peaceful, respectful manner. Due to the weather, we will meet on the second floor. Expect to be carded and go through security. Best parking option is on Ottawa St. on the opposite side of the street, which has pay by app option. Carpool if you can, spaces are limited. Preliminary hearing had 24 guests. I'd like to double that to 48 guests, so spread the word. The guests were addressed by the judge a few times, during the hearing; so the judge noticed the support. The guests liked the experience of the hearing and asked my attorney questions and made suggestions after the hearing. Keep checking back as the date and time can change at any point."

Date: Thursday January 26, 2023

Time: 12pm is the prayer vigil, 1pm is the hearing

Thank you to everyone that came out to show support for Ross and Katie (co-plaintiff) and to pray over Ross, Dave (the lawyer), everyone involved and the case. It was a powerful time of prayer and worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ while inside of the Michigan Hall of Justice. What a witness it must have been for all to see us that came together that afternoon, all to glorify the Lord. We do not put our trust in men, but instead, we minister to their hearts. We only trust in the Lord. We saw His hand move by allowing progress for continuing the case against U of M. Keep praying earnestly and sincerely. We are grateful to you for your support of GOFM and this lawsuit. Let's do this AGAIN!

Request: We are looking for help to get some publicity through the news media for Ross' case. If this is something you are good at this and willing to volunteer your skills. Please contact Joie via email: - Thank you in advance!

GOFM makes donations to Pacific Justice Institute to help support this lawsuit and others like it.

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