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Update #13 Kentucky Has Filed!

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Kentucky is the 4th state to file a federal lawsuit against their governor and to challenge the Emergency Declaration in their state.

More states are preparing like us and more states will be filing.

To hear the joy, hope & excitement from those that are leading the charge over in Kentucky is beyond energizing!

We are in support of Kentucky and covering you in prayer for favor in your quest to free Kentuckians.

Michigan will keep organizing and preparing for our time. We believe everything happens exactly when it is supposed to, exactly on time.

Everything has it's season.

Congratulations Kentuckians on your filing!!!

From their website:

"MAFA KY is a non-partisan, grassroots movement created to unite all liberty-loving Kentuckians who are angered by the excessive, illegal and destructive government actions over the past year. These have dealt serious injury to our economy, our families, and, especially, our children.

We will no longer sit by as our power-mad governor, “public health” agencies, elected officials and unelected bureaucrats destroy our Commonwealth, using a virus with a 99.74% recovery rate as their cover.

We are also sick of the bad political actors in Frankfort who are unwilling to stand up on behalf of their constituents, who clearly do not respect personal freedom, and who are unwilling to hold themselves and each other accountable. Shame on our “super majority” legislature for their cowardly behavior during the 2021 session!"

Sounds like Michigan. Good thing, we at Guardians of Freedom Michigan, have the same mission.

How you can help:

  1. Fill out our Stay Connected Form, completely and subscribe.

  2. Respond to our follow up email.

  3. Share with like-minded individuals.

  4. Donate and attend our events.

  5. Study the state & federal Constitutions.

I could list more. I just prefer to not overwhelm you. Following through with these 5 steps, you will get the keys to unlock so much more to be involved in.

We are not here to keep you busy, distracted & spinning your wheels. We are here to empower you to help take appropriate action to bring about the remedy we need. You are not alone!

Join us in protecting freedom.

Freedom is not free.

We encourage you to share our articles, please be sure to give proper credit, thank you.

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