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Update #10 Distractions

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dear GOFM friends,

Distractions are always popping up. Why do we always get side-tracked by distractions that lure us away from the real goal, the elephant in the room? My guess is it is easier to say, "well, we needed to take care of this or that. It seemed more important at the time. I just got distracted." when we look years down the road and still find ourselves faced with the same problem, the same elephant in the room.

In our case as Michiganders, we are being held hostage by the state of emergency that our governor declared. She uses it to keep us separated, keep our mouths muzzled, keep subjecting us to un-proven testing, keep us hostage in self-quaratines, illegal lock downs, medical services that are needed but cannot be obtained unless we comply with mandates that are not laws, our offspring out of the schools unless we force our offspring to comply with mandates that are not laws, can't play sports unless we once again make our offspring comply with mandates that are un-safe and un-necessary that have been proven by science and data to be dangerous and not to the benefit of our offspring. We know the election has serious FR--D, we know the health passport is a serious FR--D, we know the shot is a serious FR--D, same with the masks, the quarantines, the 6 feet apart, the lockdowns, the redefining of herd immunity by the WHO and CDC, the invasion of the government agencies into our businesses (our lively-hoods), the fees, the whole system in actuality.

Now is not the time to get distracted. When you see other states getting results, we need to do what they are doing. GOFM is working on just that. We are going after the elephant in the room. We are following in the footsteps of 3 other states that are seeing changes as a result of the action they have taken. We share that with you in our mission on our website. Ohio, New Mexico, and Maine are already winning just because of the action they took. We want to take the same action.

In order to do that, we must remain focused. We must shove those distractions to the wayside and forge on with the mission. Our mission is to challenge the state of emergency in federal court. For GOFM to do that, we need you to share our website with other like minded individuals, direct them to read our mission and sign up with us if they agree. We need to know that we have the backing of enough Michigander's to fund this lawsuit/battle to protect freedom. We need to be able to show we have the support of our community to the lawyer that will be exactly who we need to unite and work with us to protect freedom. So for now, we ask that you help put our ground game into hyper drive by getting out there and talking with others that are ready for all this madness to end. Bonus? You may make some new friends that do value what you value...Freedom.

Let's not allow ourselves to get distracted and find ourselves in the gulag (concentration/re-education camps).

Let's work together, let's stay focused, let's protect our community and freedom!

For transparency: We will be asking you for money to fund this lawsuit. The more individuals we have supporting the less money required of each individual. Freedom is never free.

We encourage you to share our articles, please be sure to give proper credit, thank you.

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