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TRAINING: ADA Advocate Training

JAY V. SHORE, Certified ADA Advocate is offering training on how to use the ADA, especially in response to the COVID countermeasures that are infringing on so many rights.

This training will only be offered one time live on Zoom.

This 8 week course (Beginning January 15, 2022) will take you through the nuts and bolts of ADA Advocacy, both for yourself, and for others who desperately need to know how the Americans with Disabilities Act can level the playing field. Your instructor will be Jay V. Shore, Certified ADA Advocate (2017) who has had numerous successes using the ADA to change the dynamic of compulsion into one of collaboration or at least compatibility. Live video training through Zoom, with Q&A for each session.

More information and how to register:

ADA Advocate Training
Download DOCX • 32KB

This initial training is very limited. Register early to save your seat. Read the document above fully, thank you.

GOFM is grateful for our relationship with Jay and the favor he is showing us because of the relationship we have built over the past year. We are truly blessed to be connected with so many great minds and protectors of freedom.

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