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The Kids Aren't Alright

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

We were enjoying an unusually warm March afternoon when I received a notification that President Trump was having a press conference regarding the novel coronavirus that was spreading its way through China and the rest of the world. While I stood on the porch listening to our President speak, my oldest son played outside waiting for his big sister to get home from school and my youngest son slept peacefully in his crib. They had no idea of what was happening outside of their small world.

At that moment, I promised myself that I would not allow my children to live in fear. I told them that there was a virus and people are going to take precautions to not get sick and spread it to others. I said that there was nothing to be afraid of and that we would get over this. I was honest when they asked me questions about what was going on. I was honest when they asked why certain friends and family were hesitant to come over and visit.

From the beginning, we repeatedly heard, "you can be asymptomatic and spread it to others who could get sick and die, wear a mask to protect others, and you're going to kill grandma!" How could that not have an effect on children? Children are very observant and they especially notice repeated phrases.

We've always heard the mantra, "kids are resilient." I agree, for the most part, yes, kids are resilient. Most children will bounce back from this at their own pace, but what long term psychological effects will this have on them? As adults, we are told that we must come to terms with our childhood traumas. Why are we overlooking the traumas that are currently happening to our children?

The suicide rate has skyrocketed, especially among adolescents. More children were admitted to the hospital with suicidal inclinations, self harm, drug overdoses, and mental illness than ever before. How many children have started medications for depression and anxiety this year? The lock-downs and fear propaganda have caused all of this. Children are afraid to be around their grandparents, elderly neighbors, and other children at the playground. Not only are they being psychologically abused, they are getting sick from the constant mask wearing as well. Our kids are also suffering from bacteria infections, headaches, nausea, becoming suddenly lightheaded, and the list goes on.

We hear the argument that it is just a mask and we need to do this to protect others. No, it is not "just a mask". It is a symbol of suppression. A symbol of submission. I will not comply. My children will not comply. They are not sick. They are not contagious. They are not afraid. I refuse to send them to school or to participate in any activity that requires them to wear masks. It is not normal and I will not allow them to pretend this is okay or normal.

I've noticed that for the last year, my children are the only ones in the stores truly acting like children. Running, jumping on and off the cart, picking up the toys they so desperately want to add to their collection, saying hello and complimenting strangers, speaking with the cashiers and telling them all about the items in our cart. The other children I see are masked, quiet, reserved, and permanently attached to their parent's side. They look at our smiling faces in fear. They don't respond when my children speak to them. The media, politicians, schools, and parents have frightened these children and this will have lasting effects. Will they be able to socialize with others after a year (or more) of separation and division? Will they have a strong distrust of others going forward?

The fear in some of the children's eyes will stay with me forever. They have been trained to be afraid of anyone they do not know, especially if they are unmasked. Parents are putting masks on their children's dolls. Stores are selling masks that target children. There are children who now want to impede their own breathing because they like the characters on the masks. Selling outfits with matching masks. What are we doing?! Why is this behavior being normalized? This is not normal. We need to stop playing along and pretending this is okay or even normal. We are sacrificing our children for a very small percentage of the population that may succumb to COVID related illnesses. This virus does not harm children the way they are claiming it does and, children are the least likely to spread it.

The kids aren't alright. Our children need us now more than ever. We must protect what is ours and put an end to this madness. Together we can stand up and say no more. No more masks on our children. No more unnecessary testing. Our children are the future and they are too important to let this go on any longer. We must let them know how strong we are united together. Guardians of Freedom Michigan is here to stand up for what is right. Freedom is never free.

Note from Guardians of Freedom Michigan:

Sarah is correct. Our offspring are not alright. We have a plan that includes you because this fraud will continue and escalate until we stop it. Join to help protect freedom.

We also believe that a mass exodus of the schools is best. We will be having Homeschool Informational Meetings to empower families to remove their offspring from the abusive & corrupt schools (public & private). We are currently forming a Homeschool Empowerment Group made up of homeschooling moms & dads that will be able to help you get started in your community. Our first meeting will be July 12th 7pm in Walled Lake at Riley Park. Bring a chair, a pen, notebook, a refreshing beverage and some people you know that want to get out of the schools and are looking for the alternative that will keep their offspring safe.

More meetings at other locations on different dates to follow.

MDHHS removed their video from YouTube so instead see the Breitbart article.

Stay tuned!

To freedom,

Joie & Rachel

Guardians of Freedom Michigan Founders

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