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"Symbolism, Language and Recognition by Association and Actions" by Joie Vawter

Updated: Mar 23

This talk was originally given August 11, 2022 at an Oakland County We The County meeting. The following document contains many links, a couple videos and an extensive slide show for your further research. Feel free to share this with everyone.

Symbolism and Language aka Code…We are inundated with it on a minute by minute basis from the time we are born right up to our deaths. This is known as brainwashing, propaganda, and indoctrination that is so ingrained in us that we use it daily unbeknownst to us and what we are even truly communicating. In other we have been living life in a deep trance. This has all been perpetrated on purpose by those we have been taught we can and should trust as well as Hollywood. We have been fed a complete diet of lies through all of our senses for complete immersion.
Today, I am going to highlight the symbols we see and the language we hear from our clergy, doctors, health gurus, teachers, the people that we “elect” to represent us and movies, music and cartoons. I will share with you how this is all biblical and prophesied.

To keep reading the full document, click below and download it.

Symbolism & Language Presentation
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