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Series 2: Holding Our Employees (aka Public Servants) Accountable & Protecting Freedom

My Fellow American`s,

The time has come to rise up and take a stand.

If you value your freedoms, and the freedoms of your kids and grand-kids, then I need your help in spreading the news.

I have already released to you my 3 Step plan in fighting the deep state socialistic agenda, which you will now need to ensure your freedom.

Today, I am releasing Part 1 of a 5 part series titled the “APA” (Administrative Procedures Act)

This information, supported with video`s of judges making statements proving what I am telling you to be true, is the foundation and source of our governments abuse of power and their ability to deprive the American people of their GOD given rights.

If you truly want to know why our public officials act the way they do, how they are able to do the things they do, and why they are never held accountable for their actions, then you need to see and hear, first hand, the information that I am releasing.

The answer to all of your questions, is about to be answered.

Michael Bambas


F.I.P. Construction Inc.

APA – Part 1 of 5

Has anyone noticed that the conservative TV and radio hosts, like Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, and Levin, to mention a few, along with their special guests, do nothing more than expound on how the Democrats are destroying this country, but fail to offer any real solution to the problems? They lead everyone into believing that the election process is the only way we can resolve the problems that we are experiencing, well they are wrong!

I would like everyone to consider the following scenario; you have witnessed a crime and the perpetrators of this crime are the Governor and Attorney General of your state. The crime is classified as a felony, so you go to your local police to report it. The officer in charge tells you that they are refusing to take a police report and that they are not going to arrest the Governor or the AG. So, you go to your county prosecutor’s office and inform them of the crime. The prosecutor’s office also refuses to take any action because it’s the Governor and AG. You can`t go to the AG`s office because they are complicit in the crime, so you contact your state representative`s, and they inform you that the matter is outside their jurisdiction. Now your becoming frustrated, so you contact the DOJ, and they refer you to the FBI. The FBI informs you that you need to drop the issue or else, that if you pursue the matter, you will be considered a threat.