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Scary & Dangerous Protest at 12 Oaks Mall

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Do you remember hearing how 12 Oaks Mall was the site of a "mostly peaceful" riot and the protestors burned the mall down, threw bricks through windows, set police cars on fire, chased the mall visitors and threw frozen water bottles at the mall security???? It was on Saturday April 24th, 2021.

You don't recall this happening? Hmmm...Yeah, that would be because that is not what happened. Don't be mistaken, the peaceful protest did happen but not the way the keyboard warriors imagined, while huddled wrapped in their security blankets with their IV drip to the MSM data constantly pouring into their minds while tap, tapping away on their keyboards. I find it funny, that they always want to poison the pot and not be a part of the remedy. They desperately need something to give fuel to their pathetic mundane lives that are wasting away amounting to nothing, while hidden in their dark, dingy basements afraid of the light and the truth that it shines.

Well, Guardians of Freedom Michigan is here to shine the light as bright as possible and we want all that are lurking in the dark shadows to be forced out by the light and the truth. So, with that sentiment, here is the article from Us Against Media regarding the protest at 12 Oaks Mall. Special thanks to Blexit for joining us in our protest as well.

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