Resurrect Dead on Saturn: Surrogates in the Metaverse Future

"This video is admittedly a bit of a sarcasm-dipped rant. After watching Zuck’s hour+ long presentation I don’t know how I could’ve responded literally any other way. Maybe it’s because the last two years feel like one long, drawn-out insult and this is just the latest installment, ala “Ready Player One” meets “Surrogates” meets “Futureworld”. Except waaaay cheesier. And not the good kind of cheese you might feel fancy eating on crackers with a glass of wine; it’s like that nasty, chemical-filled fake spray cheese in a can. Only digital. I am starting to understand what that WEF lady meant when she said people are going to “own nothing and like it”. (Well, at least the “own nothing” part, anyway…) The heavy symbolism here — of death, rebirth, and The Great Reset™ — cannot and should not be ignored." - Aaron & Melissa Dykes

Video -

Source: Truth Stream Media

WEF = World Economic Forum

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