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PSA: The WHO Is Working To Abolish Our States' Power And Our God-given Rights In Any Emergency.

The autocratic 'World Together' plan to draft a global convention or international instrument can seriously weaken our individual health autonomy and collective health freedom.

If successful, the WHO's power grab will threaten our freedom and our individual inalienable right to self-determination, through a sweeping one-size-fits-all top-down mandate we did not give them.

This agreement has the potential to increase tenfold WHO’s suffocating power to declare unjustified pandemics, impose dehumanizing lockdowns, enforce expensive, unsafe, and ineffective treatments, and condone censorship and disinformation on treatments that do work.

We missed the deadline for submissions of public comment to be received by the WHO before their first hearing on April 13, 2022. There will be more hearings. We need to keep watch and be sure to submit our comments then.

For now, talk to those in your circle about this very sneaky power grab by the World Health Organization. Get the word out however you can. If the WHO is granted their wish. Anytime the WHO declares an emergency, their global convention/charter/constitution will supersede any other Convention/Charter/Constitution including ours. We have already experienced a mini-test run of this for the past two years. We cannot allow this to happen on an even bigger scale. #StopTheTreaty

As the World Council for Health (WCH), our partners and allies have already sought to draw attention to,the World Health Organization (WHO) has proposed a global pandemic agreement that will give it undemocratic rights over sovereign people. See the WCH Open Letter in response to this attempted power grab here.

We are grateful to the World Council for Health and their letter they wrote as well as their hard work to get the word out about what the WHO is planning to do.

REMINDER: GOFM holds the firm stance that everyone needs to remove their offspring from the schools. The schools are a detriment to our offspring, our families, our society and the foundations of our freedom. This will be the fastest way that the schools will get the message. Then, you can really reign them in. They look at your offspring as a commodity (a product, a ward of the state), not as living beings (your heirs, offspring, private property). You must engage in their thinking and remove their commodity (your offspring, your private property) from them. Language is very important in this. We choose to use the language we do purposefully. As you investigate and research our Constitution and the history, our language choices will make sense to you. Be sure to go to our Homeschool page under our Resources tab on the website.

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