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Premieres Tuesday November 30th.



In short… You’re being lied to.

We pull back the curtains, and you get a front-row seat.

Full transparency. That’s the only path forward as we expose the entire world to credible experts whose voices must be heard.

There is much, much more to the COVID story than the mainstream media is allowing you to see.

What is the real risk to you and your family?

Can ‘they’ really assert that vaccines are “very safe”?

Are all these shutdowns, mandates, and radical actions worth it?

Is there a safer alternative than the vaccine?

Is the vaccine controversy really over?

Who’s controlling the WHO and the CDC?

“Stay home, stay safe”... for two weeks. Then we’ll return to normal.

That was almost two years ago.

What changed? MORE mandates and restrictions.

What has not been exposed is the unblemished truth.

Instead, there’s greater censorship and suppression than any issue in history.

Narratives have changed so fast you have chronic whiplash. Flip-flopping from one stance to another has been commonplace.

Big Tech is now a puppet master. Mainstream media has driven their narrative exclusively.

Anyone falling out of line is being canceled, fired, de-platformed, sued, harassed, and even had their lives threatened.

You’ll no longer find them on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

It’s a new reality for doctors and even highly published medical experts. But they risk everything to share the critical truth with you.

Rallies and protests are being staged across the globe…

Falling on deaf ears as more and more cities, states, and governments pass ever-stricter regulations on masks, vaccines, and closures. There is simply no room available for an opposing view, expert or not. Private businesses are falling under greater pressure to hold jobs hostage if employees don’t line up for the jab. They’re turning away customers without proof of vaccination. All this is being done for “your safety.” With no debate. With no exception. The line has been clearly drawn, and it’s no longer in the sand. It’s cemented in the ground, and it appears there will be no compromise. Religious exemptions are being ignored and denied. Additional doses are now being urged on more and more people. In short, your body is no longer yours to control. And there is no end in sight. And they’re just about to start on the children any moment now...

Register here to watch Covid Revealed for free when it comes out! Premieres Tuesday November 30th. WAS IT ALL WORTH IT?

The slide in education for school-aged children is devastating.

The explosion in mental health issues is historic.

The loss of jobs, businesses, savings, and wealth was greater than the Great Depression.

TRILLIONS were spent to prop it all up.

Was it all worth the dramatic and extreme actions?

Hindsight gives us some clues, and it’s not pretty.

Watch and learn the truth. The buried research. The secret agendas. The incomprehensible profits. The real loss of life and health.

The most thorough group of medical experts, scientists, researchers, and advocates have been gathered in one place for one purpose: To Tell The Unfettered Truth.

And we hope it spreads like wildfire. Will you join us?

OUR MISSION With ever exploding censorship, COVID REVEALED exists to daringly bring to light the known facts and needed debate concerning COVID-19 as well as the policies and edicts that surround it. Agendas are being driven, it is no secret. We are taking a stand on transparency as we bring to light, to the entire world, interviews that help force a greater conversation for a practical and scientific way forward.

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