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PSA: People in Michigan with school age kids

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

From Connie Johnson of Michigan for Vaccine Choice (MVC):

"PSA: People in Michigan. If you have school-age kids, you will be in for a rude awakening for back to school.

For every person that allowed your students to be masked to attend school. For every person who allowed your student to be tested to play sports. You have been the test subjects for future actions by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

How so? You complied with something that you didn't agree with. I know the reasons, I've heard them. And they are all good reasons. But hear me now, you still complied. When we, as a society, comply with things that we don't agree with, it is consent given. It is freedom lost.

The ramifications for that is an out of control MDHHS that is planning on spending $300 MILLION to force test every student in the public school system for not just covid, but lots of other virus strains <and if they are healthy, but test positive....they will be sent home to quarantine....for EVERY virus>. The legislature passed the budget without knowing or understanding this sleight of hand by MDHHS. The leadership of our state needs to be replaced by those that actually read a budget and understand the impact prior to voting on it.

The plan is for the state to hire hundreds of HRA's ( Health Resource Advocates) to place in schools to test your kids 2 times per week for the entire school year. There is also the issue of HRA's advocating other "mitigation strategies" which include vaccines. In the schools. This allocation in the state budget has already been passed. It is going to happen.

Can you call and complain or leave comments? Absolutely! And you should. But that will not sway the MDHHS.

What else can you do? Pull your kids out of school NOW. Unenroll them. If thousands of kids stay home to school, things will change. Because every child represents $9k to the school districts. School districts without students won't survive. This is a consumer issue, and those consumer dollars will drive the "market" change. Don't want to or can't? I get it. Buckle up for a forced year of anything goes. And if your kids can't or aren't vaccinated, be prepared for masking to come back as well."

Note from Guardians of Freedom Michigan:

Connie is correct the past 16 months were just a test run. This fraud will continue and escalate until we stop it. Join to help protect freedom.

We also believe that a mass exodus of the schools is best. We will be having Homeschool Informational Meetings to empower families to remove their offspring from the abusive & corrupt schools (public & private).

MDHHS removed their video from YouTube so instead see the Breitbart article.

Stay tuned!

The video explaining the federal dollars for the schools.

To freedom,

Joie & Rachel

Guardians of Freedom Michigan Founders

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