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PSA: It's Happening!!! Attn: Healthcare Workers...

BREAKING NEWS! A new Freedom Healthcare System (MNI Freedom Networking) is rising up in Michigan! A new web-based platform is about to launch! This web-based platform is working to develop a parallel health network in Michigan and is now accepting requests from providers to post their practices and businesses as well as healthcare workers seeking alternative employment opportunities that respect personal healthcare choices.

If you are a healthcare provider, email: with your healthcare training and area you are located, to request access to the database being built. Like-minded health professionals will gain access to a referral network and be able to post job offerings. Soon patients will be able to search for providers near them and healthcare workers like yourselves can find employment where patient care comes before profits.

Since January 2021, GOFM been encouraging you to stay strong, dig your line in the sand, unite to protect liberty, and our communities!

GOFM has been encouraging the development of a parallel society through rebuilding your communities, health and education systems. We have encouraged you to not give up hope but rather, become and develop the solution through our weekly local GOFM Freedom meetings.

GOFM has been uniting and defending freedom with thousands of healthcare workers in the state of Michigan over the past year, and our unity to protect liberty and our communities is birthing an exciting opportunity for Michiganders!

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