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PSA: CDC Cans the PCR Test

Attention: The FDA announced today that the CDC is revoking the emergency use authorization (EUA) of the RT-PCR test for COVID-19, because it failed all their testing standards. This recall of the PCR test is a Class 1 recall; the most serious type of recall.

Due to these new developments, all measurements based on the PCR tests should come to an end.

This should also give any individual the evidence they need to stand their ground and refuse the testing from this day on.

Here is the link to the article, print it up and keep it with you to use when you refuse the PCR test.

Be courageous and empowered friends, the evidence is on our side and we have it. Now, use it!

2020 and the assault on our freedoms was/is a direct result of our voluntary compliance. Refuse to comply. Stand together united to protect our communities and freedom.

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