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PSA: BREAKING NOW!!! Federal Court RULES about Religious Exemption Letters.

THIS IS HUGE and THIS IS HOW IT WORKS! This is why we tell you to not give in. Make plans to sustain yourself and your family for the interim so you can stand your ground and allow yourself to become a plaintiff if necessary to help set precedent. We are so grateful to the individual whom stood their ground even though it was scary at the time. We are so grateful that The Lord always has His hand on our situations and puts the exact (in this case) judge in place to receive the case. From the outside, it did not look promising because the judge is quite liberal. Yet, here is the evidence once again to build your faith and show you that GOD is in charge, always. Even in times when it appears that may not be the case. We see just a piece of the whole picture. We must trust in GOD at all times, for everything. We do have Professor Toto's website on our Resource page of our website as well. With this being a federal case, this judge's ruling on the side of the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land indeed sets precedent for all.

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