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Legal News: GOFM & Pacific Justice Institute

Legal news and updates from Pacific Justice Institute and Dave Peters (the representing attorney).

Guardians of Freedom Michigan Supporters,

Right now we are defending against the Hospital's Motion to Dismiss. I just filed our response yesterday. We think it likely we will win at this level or at least have a very solid appeal if the Court of claims judge rules against us.

I have attached the complaint we filed, the Defendants Motion, and our response filed yesterday.

Also, there are at least 4 additional Plaintiffs at U of M who want to join this case.

Again we are confident and I am determined to take this all the way to the Michigan Appeals court, then the Michigan Supreme Court and then on to the federal system!

Please see attached below;

Complaint from Court of Claims

Defendant's Motion for Summary Disposition 8.19.22

Response to Defendant U of M

Dave Peters

Pacific Justice Institute

Ross Barranco is one of GOFM supporters that is in need of a kidney transplant that has been denied by U of M by discrimination of Religious Freedom. We have used funds from your donations to support this lawsuit. To date, we have donated $1000.00 to Pacific Justice Institute for the lawsuit they filed on behalf of Ross and a few other people. Thank you for your continued donations to GOFM and Pacific Justice Institute.

GOFM works very hard to be good stewards of your donations that you entrust us with.

PJI Complaint from Court of Claims (1)
Download PDF • 536KB

PJI Defendant's 08_19_2022 Motion for Summary Disposition
Download PDF • 152KB

PJI Response to Defendant U of M- revised dcp9-12-22 FINAL-FINAL version
Download PDF • 130KB

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