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Is Segregation Making A Comeback?

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Under the guise of health, it seems segregation is deserving of approval and being accepted as standard practice.

In this case it is rearing its ugly head to test the waters by enticing teens with free prom tickets in exchange for a toxic jab.

We have bodily autonomy and medical privacy that it is protected through our Fourth Amendment!

Apparently, this specific reintroduction of segregation is being paid for by a private donor to Southfield High school to reintroduce such an ugly and grotesque monster from the past. The question needs to be asked, "who is this private donor?"

Also, a public school is not private. We pay for every ounce of everything for these public schools. They cannot kick We the People (their employers and managers) off the property for gathering together to share an opposing view point, which is protected by our First Amendment!

Guardians of Freedom Michigan will not tolerate such abuses of our tax dollars by our employees (public servant that work in the public sector aka Government).

We are teaching the people about their Constitutionally protected rights. We teach the people how to exercise their rights and protect them through holding the public servants (anyone working in Government) accountable. We also teach the people who they are; they are the beneficiaries of the Constitution, the Constitution works in favor of the people and holds We the People as the boss, the employer and manager. Those that choose to run for office or choose to work in Government are bound by their oath of office to the Constitution that is their contract. They also become the employees and labor of We the People.

We also advocate for individuals God-given and Constitutionally protected liberties through education, legal pathways, lobbying and events.

This photo was sent to us from one of our GOFM supporters of the waiting room at her doctor's office. Zoom in to see the signs for yourself.

Vaxxed only sections and Non-vaxxed sections are the new face of segregation. Not long ago we fought hard to end segregation of people by their skin color.

Segregation is wrong no matter what guise it rears its ugly head out from under.

Join us today by uniting with us to protect our communities and to protect freedom.

Many of our GOFM community were in attendance at Southfield Highschool to stand in opposition of the segregation snake rearing its ugly head, to support others standing together in their community to protect freedom and educate them further about their God-given rights and Constitutionally protected freedoms.

We win by living and working united. By forging unlikely partnerships. By finding new solutions to old, and new problems. By mobilizing the best resources. And by inspiring individuals to join in protecting their community.

GOFM promotes for the health, education and protection for every individual in every community.

We applaud all that joined together today to protect our community and to protect freedom.

In order to live better, we must live united and remember freedom is never free.

Read about and watch what went on at the Pop-up Toxic Shot Clinic, here.

Guardians of Freedom Michigan is in full fundraising mode through Operation Protect Freedom, as we prepare for our first lawsuit.

Please sign up with us and donate today. Freedom is never free.

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It is imperative that we all learn our Constitution with certainty. This is a FREE class.

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