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Insanity v. Profanity

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

I just watched a spot on video about some shenanigans in our judiciary. It was centered on the differences between insanity and profanity.

I had not before heard it put quite this way. And, at first, I had no idea what to expect. By the end, however, it was perfectly clear to me.

One reason it was perfectly clear to me is because I had recently witnessed exactly what was presented in the video when I was a court watcher in my county. I’ve been court watching the past year and half on a semi-regular basis and definitely related to the video presentation on numerous points.

First point – a judge ‘aided’ the accuser in the case, right in the courtroom. The specific aid provided by the judge was administering the oath of office to the prosecutor/attorney on the spot, right there, while the case was in session! The judge was prompted to do this after the accused proved the prosecutor had no such oath on file with the State. This violated state statutes. It is interesting the prosecutor was thereafter removed from the case.

I’ve asked myself how is this action by the judge legal.

And, further, how did a State prosecutor lawfully represent anything to do with the case while violating the law?

Second point – on a different case, multiple law enforcement officers (e.g., Sheriff Deputies) were present at the same time in the courtroom when in contrast all other cases I watched had only a bailiff present. After observing the extra deputies for a short while, in my view, their purpose was specifically to intimidate people in the courtroom. In fact, one of them proceeded to lie several times to people, attempted to intimidate a person watching the case who was seated in front of me, and whose behavior may be determined to be an assault on two people in the courtroom that day.

Because of what I witnessed, I filed a complaint and statement with my sheriff. It has been forwarded to the county prosecutor for a charging decision.

Third point – during one case, I watched several law enforcement officers testify they could NOT cite the law they were supposedly enforcing, they did NOT know the words in the law, and in one testimony the officer also said (not verbatim) "I don't need to know the words" of the law being enforced.

WHAT?! This is no joke. These are examples of things happening regularly to innocent people who just want their day in court.

This brings me to the video about insanity v. profanity and the tie-in with the judiciary in my county. I completely get it and I firmly believe this video will prove beneficial to others who may also want to learn and watch.

For me it confirms I am not alone in things I’ve witnessed with our judicial system.

I had not thought to use the descriptive words insanity vs. profanity. But, now I know what to call it and I know there are more of us out here embracing the profane than I had thought. Let’s watch for each other and help support each other. Maybe together we can make a difference.

Video:Profanity (


Linda B.

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