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ICYMI: Dr. Jane Ruby on Stew Peters Show Sharing Findings About The...You Know

Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters to break information about a group of hundreds of global doctors and scientists that have delivered findings to the worldwide media, and have issued a chilling warning!

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  • GOFM encourages you to draw your line in the sand regarding this poison. We encourage you to prepare your documents:Religious exemption (signed by you), Letter of Deferral (if your religious exemption is refused) along with The Liability Form for your employer. These can be found on our Resource page in the Downloadable Resources section on our website.

  • We also encourage you to join up or start a local GOFM Freedom Meeting group. These can be found on our Meetings page on our website.

  • In addition to that, we encourage yo to prepare by storing up and making preparations in case you do get fired. Employment is popping up all over that is run by individuals that respect our God given rights. Gab has a group on their platform for this specifically.

  • First they will suspend you without pay and give you another deadline to get the poison and be re-instated. Hold the line. This ultimately is a bluff and they need to be called out on it. That is not to say that you won't be cherry picked off. However, hopefully people at your place of employment are organizing and holding the line together. This is much more powerful. There is strength in numbers!

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