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Grand Jury: The People's Court of Public Opinion Day One (2.5.22)

Grand juries by the people have been used throughout history and especially when the courts have become so corrupt that they will not hear cases. Grand juries of the people convene to appeal to the Court of Public Opinion (We the People) with the evidence of criminal activity against the people. If public opinion can be changed, then pressure is applied greatly and enough to force the hand of the courts to hear the cases.

You Are The Jury!

Watch and listen to the evidence for yourself as the case proceeds over the next several days and decide for yourself whether or not crimes have been committed against the people. If you decide crimes have been committed. Pressure the courts!

Source: Corona Investigative Committee

Additional Links:

Information Introduction:

Court of Public Opinion:

Grand Jury Trial July 1st:

Lawsuit in Canada:

The Corona Investigative Committee Grand Jury began Feb 5, 2022:

Media Release: Grand Jury Proceeding

We the People hold all the power, we must realize this and enforce it!

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