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Gaining Momentum!

Join Guardians of Freedom Michigan (GOFM) and become a part of a national movement. Tom Renz is the lead attorney for our sister organization Ohio Stands Up! and whom our attorney will be working directly with.

"07/28/21 - Update from attorney Tom Renz

Friends –

As many of you have probably noticed the other side is panicking. They are attacking the vaccine issue like rabid dogs and I strongly believe it will backfire. I also have had information shared with me that part of the reason for the panic is that they are terrified of the truth that is becoming evident every day – namely that these vaccines are likely far more dangerous than COVID. We have been told that the court filing with the information about the 45,000 deaths is driving this reaction because the bad guys know they cannot keep the truth hidden much longer.

My team is working on developing a substantial amount of additional information that will be equally damaging to the other side. In fact, we are currently in possession of a recording of a government employee discussing how dangerous these vaccines are and how people simply do not know. This info will be shared in the future but I need to talk about Ohio and I need to talk about now.

Yesterday the Governor made an astounding admission; thanks to the veto override of SB22 he cannot force masks on the people and children of this state. He left out that the SB22 legislation also limited him in a number of other ways. The success of this bill demonstrates the need for HB248. The garbage bill passed before the legislature adjourned was a weak victory at best and designed to get us to ignore the larger crisis we are facing. HB248 is the ONLY bill available at present that will actually ensure medical freedom.

Tell your conservative elected officials to stop making excuses and support the rights of individuals over profits of big businesses. The lie that conservatives do not believe in business regulation needs to be put in the trash with all the other lies. Conservatives have no issue with regulating against racism, sexism, religious discrimination, etc. In fact, I think you would have a hard time finding a conservative that thought it was a bad idea not to regulate that restaurant workers wash their hands before cooking food. This entire line of reasoning is nothing but talking points from big pharma and is being pushed by people bought and paid for by the pharma lobby. Real conservatives will ALWAYS recognize that individual rights trump business rights (imagine if your business could fire you for your faith).

Beyond the need for state legislation, the other issues we are facing are federal and local. I am fighting the federal issue to the best of my capacity but “we the people” must fight the local fights. Our schools are all going to be pushed to mask our children and many will try to lock down again this fall. There simply are not enough lawyers to fight every district so you have to fight your fights locally. Every county in this state needs to organize and plan. You need to attend schoolboard meetings, town council meetings, and county commissioner meetings, and you need to attend them all.

There are more that are now fighting the fight on the state and federal level but if you want your neighborhood to be free you need to fight for your neighborhood. This can only happen by creating local groups and working together to support businesses that support freedom and fighting against local tyrants.

The lie is coming unraveled but the most dangerous animal is a cornered animal. We need to fight harder now than ever or trust me when I say that vaccine mandates and permanent lockdowns will be reality.

God bless you all and keep praying and fighting."

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