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Free Class: Patriot Academy's National Biblical Citizenship

The Bible, the Constitution and you! 9 week session, free of charge via live webinar. Share with others! Start date: 8.30.21 (it is not too late to join)

While we officially start at 7pm Central Time / 8pm Eastern Time, we invite you to tune in 30-40 minutes early to enjoy bonus videos and make sure your audio and video are working properly. At the end of class, I will be on for LIVE Q&A along with other special guests, so have your questions ready - you can start submitting those in the Q&A as soon as the webinar begins and we'll get to as many as we can! Please keep them focused towards the content of this class on Biblical Citizenship. Click here to attend online Reminder: If you like to 'Chat' and have your messages seen by everyone, once you join the webinar be sure to change your Chat setting to send to 'Panelists and Attendees' instead of just 'Panelists'. Don't forget you can access your free digital workbook by logging in to your Patriot Academy dashboard at using your email address and the password you created when setting up your account. Then, click on your "Student Dashboard." Click "view" for the Biblical Citizenship workbook. Many students prefer a hard copy of our course workbooks, to purchase yours, click below: Purchase your physical spiral-bound workbook here. Note: If you see that you are "not enrolled" in this course, click the yellow button that says "Take This Course" for immediate access! If you need assistance or have any questions, please email See you soon! Rick Green

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