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PSA: Do You Know About The Great Reset and ESG?

Watch Glen Beck Podcast on ESG – Must See The Great Reset IS happening, Glenn says, and not just at the elite levels of society. Soon it will affect every aspect of your life, too. Especially, in the financial sector with Energy, Social Justice, Governance (ESG) scores. Glenn explains what’s to come, where it’s already occurring, AND a new way some states are trying to stop it. But, will they be successful before it’s too late? It's up to us to encourage our state leaders to take action TODAY.

He also explains the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).

Energy, Social Justice, Governance (ESG) how is this affecting me?

Right now the banks are rating companies on their wokeness and are they behind Biden’s Green New Deal. The banks are actively giving low scores (social scores) to energy companies and anyone who does business with the energy companies.This will make it hard for them to get loans or do business unless they are woke.This social score has nothing to do with financial stability of a business. The banks are creating a boycott of companies that are not social enough.

Good news is...

There four states West Virginia, New Hampshire, Texas and Oklahoma that are drafting bills called Energy Discrimination Elimination Act 2022. -WE NEED YOU TO CALL OUR ELECTED STATE REPRESENTATIVES AND ASK WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO PREVENT THIS IS MICHIGAN.

More information regarding The Great Reset and ESG

Joe Rogan – information on ESG and Great Reset

ESG's Are the Reason for Woke Corporate Interests

Joe Rogan Is Shocked to Learn About The Great Reset

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