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CTA: We Need To Disrupt The Dangerous Narrative Regarding Masks, Again. Let's Do This!

Parents, we need you to disrupt the dangerous narrative. Please complete this survey with your views on why masking is bad for children. Let your voice be heard. Share everywhere! - disrupting the false narrative. Join us TODAY to make a difference.

Here is the link to the survey we must disrupt the dangerous narrative with.

Here is the raw link as well for you.

Each time we have called on YOU to disrupt the narrative that is dangerous to our freedoms, YOU have responded in such great numbers that we succeeded. Let's continue doing just that. Every time we disrupt these dangerous narratives, it sheds light & truth on the darkness and lies that is irrefutable and helps to awaken those that are still in a hypnotic slumber.

We are making a beneficial difference for everyone in our communities and protecting freedom!

Some of you may have already done this because we did post this on our social media pages yesterday. We just want to be sure you ALL get a chance by posting this as a blog post as well.

As always, we at GOFM highly & urgently encourage you to keep your offspring home to educate them. They are safest with you. Your home environment is plenty rich and you will get them the resources they need to be successful. You have more interest in your offspring reaching their potential than any outsider. You will not regret this decision even though it does come with sacrifice. The best rewards come through sacrifice in order to benefit your family. Just look at motherhood and fatherhood, a very thankless and unselfish journey with amazing rewards that no money can justify. Rachel chose the homeschooling path with her family and so did Joie. They have no regrets.

GOFM Urgent Reminder: Pull your kids from the schools, they are in grave danger from not only the masks, bullying, Common Core, and CRT, but now....The Bio-weapon shot (we are calling a spade a spade, it is not a vax, it is a man-made bio-weapon).

We have an excellent Homeschool Resource page set up for you. Check it out!

Irrefutable evidence that the shot is not a vax, it is a bio-weapon can be found here in this video by Dr. David Martin.

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