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CTA: We Need Grassroots Protectors of Freedom to Fill Precinct Delegate Vacancies

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The Republican Party is actually only operating at 1/2 strength and there are 200,000 vacant positions nationwide available for Conservatives to fill. The Precinct Committeeman (called Precinct Delegates in Michigan) is a volunteer position that will give us power to reshape the Republican Party to be America First & MAGA.

PCOs are essentially the legislative body of the party. There is a minimum of one PCO per precinct. Many thousands of precincts in a state. Their POWERS include, but are not limited to: Electing party executives, Redistricting, Defining the party platform, Deciding who to endorse in elections.

Time commitment is minimal but you get what you put into it. More time involved around elections. You don't have to donate any money if you don't want to. You can be appointed as one if it is vacant or you can be elected as one (hint: vote for yourself as it only takes 1 vote to win).

Illinois Family Action says that in precincts that have Precinct Delegates the average voter turnout is 30% higher and those that develop block leader programs the average voter turnout is 70% higher.

Basically find your local County GOP committee and go to the monthly meeting. Say you would like to become a member of the committee, and ask if there is a vacancy in your precinct. Odds are 50% that there is a vacancy. Get in, be nice, be low key... just say you just want to help get more republicans elected if asked why. Going to a meeting once a month is recommended but not required with the bonus of actually getting to meet the political candidates at times.

Use to find out if there is a vacancy. For tips on how to use the site see

If there isn't a vacancy you can always help out and adopt it.

These links give a relatively good description of how to become a Precinct Committeeman (called Precinct Delegate in Michigan), and what is expected from them.


Guardians of Freedom Michigan Board-members cannot run or hold a political seat and maintain their position of the GOFM board. If they wish to run for a political seat, they must step down from their GOFM board position permanently. We highly encourage Guardians of Freedom Michigan supporters to fill these seats.

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