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CTA: URGENT- Pull Your Kids Out Of The Schools Now

Urgent notice and reminder from GOFM supporter Ann Clark:

PULL children out of schools – they are making the vaccine mandate for children - I do not and you should not trust the public schools - they will be setting up vaccine sites at schools and REMEMBER under Emergency Order they could start jabbing our children without informing parents.

I sent the above statement out several weeks ago – and I just found out today from a family that has their kids enrolled in Divine Child in Dearborn that, Divine Child in Dearborn is trying to get a vaccination sight at their school. Which means if they ask your kids or bully your kids into it – they will give them the jab WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT – it is happening. Divine Child is not a public school but they are going after the $$$ and your children. DON’T TRUST ANY SCHOOLS.

If you don’t pull them out of school, talk to your kids, go to their schools, talk to the teachers, be in their faces and be their worst nightmare if they violate parent/child laws. See below – it is from State of Michigan website.

Rights of Parents and Power of Parents from State of Michigan
Download DOCX • 14KB

Note from Guardians of Freedom Michigan:

This fraud will continue and escalate until we stop it. Join to help protect freedom.

We feel this is an overdue CALL TO ACTION on behalf of the people. GOFM has been encouraging families to leave the schools since the inception of Guardians of Freedom Michigan. Joie & Rachel have been calling for families to leave the schools for two decades in their personal lives as we each chose the home education path for our own families. We believe that a mass exodus of the schools is best.

We offer Homeschool Informational Meetings to empower families to remove their offspring from the abusive & corrupt schools (public & private).

We have also put together an entire resource page on our website for Michigander's that are looking into, want to or are ready to homeschool. Go to our Homeschooling page, here.

MDHHS removed their video from YouTube so instead see the Breitbart article.

The video explaining the federal dollars for the schools.

To freedom,

Joie & Rachel

Guardians of Freedom Michigan Founders

GOFM Urgent Reminder: Pull your kids from the schools, they are in grave danger from not only the masks, bullying, Common Core, and CRT, but now....The Bio-weapon shot (we are calling a spade a spade, it is not a vax, it is a man-made bio-weapon).

We have an excellent Homeschool Resource page set up for you. Check it out!

Irrefutable evidence that the shot is not a vacc-ine, it is a bio-weapon can be found here in this video by Dr. David Martin.

Like what you see and have read? Please subscribe and sign up with Guardians of Freedom Michigan to show your support. We have a federal lawsuit we will be filing that we are raising money to fund. Please consider donating today.

Guardians of Freedom Michigan is 100% grassroots volunteer run.

#GivingTuesday is November 30th, please add Guardians of Freedom Michigan on your list to give to. We spend countless volunteer hours getting you the information and tools you need to protect freedom. We are grateful for each and every one of our GOFM supporters.

GOFM has several excellent resources for you to use to protect your freedom, here.

We encourage you to share our articles, please be sure to give proper credit, thank you.

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