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CTA: The Next Step To Protect Freedom & Stop The Traitors; Creating Illegal Treaties with the WHO

To Ms. Pace, and the entire United States delegation:
This is a plea to encourage you to publicly reject your association with the submission of these amendments and to RESIGN YOUR POSITION as a member of the United States delegation to the 75th World Health Assembly this May 22-28, 2022.
You have the opportunity to “save face” by resigning your position as a member of the delegation and renounce the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations
You made a mistake by doing this in darkness.
You can make amends, and all will be forgiven, if you IMMEDIATELY AND PUBLICLY retract the submission and open up this issue to extended public discussions.

This remedy is brought us by James Roguski and we are truly grateful. James has done his homework and provides another solid step and remedy for the assault that is being brought upon our Constitution and as a result We the People.

Once again, this is a Call To Action and we need YOU follow through and complete the ACTION. YOU ARE NEEDED TO HELP PROTECT FREEDOM. Do you part and then forward this to everyone you know. We must be actively protecting freedom!

Not sure about all that is going on with the WHO and their plans to subvert our Constitution during emergencies with the help of those that represent us? Follow these links to get caught up.

and this one too...

Now you are ready to join forces with GOFM and James Roguski at the following link;


REMINDER: GOFM holds the firm stance that everyone needs to remove their offspring from the schools. The schools are a detriment to our offspring, our families, our society and the foundations of our freedom. This will be the fastest way that the schools will get the message. Then, you can really reign them in. They look at your offspring as a commodity (a product, a ward of the state), not as living beings (your heirs, offspring, private property). You must engage in their thinking and remove their commodity (your offspring, your private property) from them. Language is very important in this. We choose to use the language we do purposefully. As you investigate and research our Constitution and the history, our language choices will make sense to you. Be sure to go to our Homeschool page under our Resources tab on the website.