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CTA: Stop Your County In Their Tracks Regarding The Schools


Parents all over Michigan are fed up with the school mandates for the virus. Fed up with the lies. Fed up with the abuse. Fed up with the run-around they have been given by their school and government officials. They are saying no more masks, no more tests, no more quarantines.

Livingston county, here in Michigan, has had success and now it’s time to STOP YOUR COUNTY IN THEIR TRACKS.

Here’s what you need to find out.

Does your county have a public health order in place? Is there a public health emergency? Is there an 'imminent danger'? Are your children 'direct threats'? Who decides if they are a ‘direct threat’ and how?

And, the most important question is: WHERE IS YOUR COUNTY SCHOOL PLAN REALLY COMING FROM?

In our county (Livingston), we finally got to the bottom of the mystery and were able to get the truth out in public. We found out what really happened. The local Health Department along with some of our commissioners, school superintendents, and county administrator had COLLUDED in private/secret meetings for the past 20 months, making policy and implementing the policy in all the schools.


This is against the law in Michigan.

Here’s a quick summary of what happened at a recent county Board of Commissioners meeting, November 22, 2021:

The Health Department director was forced to admit there were secret, nonpublic planning meetings going on for 20 months, including one school's 'test pilot' in October, 2021, the outcome of which all along were ONLY RECOMMENDATIONS...yep, that's right...for 20 months all of it was NOT LAW and they did NOT TELL THE PARENTS. They also did not tell the parents the schools had choices such as to implement the policies or not implement the policies. And, they did not tell the parents there was another option, because none of the policies are law. What was the other option? It was the fact that parents were always able to send their healthy children to school anyway, without consequence, if the parents did not approve of the actions by the school. All of this was finally said ‘in public’ by government officials! This is huge!

Link to video:

Please be sure to watch minute 41 through 1:22 and also listen to the ‘pandemic of corruption’ conclusion. It will surprise and encourage you to know the truth has finally been made public in one county. Beginning immediately, the parents and their children in one county are restoring their freedom.

This effort began with a solid backdrop because of our first county Health Department FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request.

You can read about how we did this, here:

Letter Template: Taking Back Our Schools (

The bottom line is government and school actions that may affect you, the parents, and your children must be decided in public view, with public input and with public consent.

You, too, can get this process done in your county!

You, too, can STOP the schools and local government officials from continuing the unlawful policies.

You, too, can STOP the abuse against you and your children.

You, too, can do this and restore your freedom!

GOFM Urgent Reminder: We still feel the best option is to pull your offspring from the schools, they are in grave danger from not only the masks, bullying, Common Core, and CRT, but now....The Bio-weapon shot (we are calling a spade a spade, it is not a vax, it is a man-made bio-weapon). However, the article above is useful to help make the counties and the school boards clean up their acts and make schools safe for your offspring. It is a successful option.

We have an excellent Homeschool Resource page set up for you. Check it out!

Irrefutable evidence that the shot is not a vacc-ine, it is a bio-weapon can be found here in this video by Dr. David Martin.

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