CTA: Stand Up For Life & Create Awareness About A Dangerous to Life Petition

Updated: Mar 14

Dear pro-life friends,

On Saturday, March 19 between 10AM & 2 PM at the Livonia Senior the LIVONIA Abortion Lovers of Child Sacrifice will be gathering signatures for a petition drive to place a referendum on the November, 2022 ballot to codify abortion in Michigan!!!

This is one of their FIRST STOPS for SIGNATURE GATHERING. This means reversing ROE doesn't matter if they are successful with this! We must do everything we can to educate the public at LARGE! THEY LOVE ABORTION! There are two shifts that need to be covered-- 10am to 12noon and 12 noon to 2 PM. Will you sign up for one of these shifts? WE will pass out simple cards with facts on them to ANYONE going into the Senior Center -- Urging them to NOT sign the 'Reproductive Freedom for All' petition !! This is super important and only the beginning.

They have until early July to gather over 425K signatures! I cannot tell you how much more work we will have if it gets on the ballot. Let's stop it here NOW! PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU ARE WILLING TO TAKE A SHIFT! (my email is below) If someone is more comfortable standing on Farmington Rd with JUST a HONK sign, that would be fine too. We don't want picket signs. But the HONKS would send them a message. Because I have a 501c3 I'll leave it up to you all to figure out their other ballot initiatives that they are offering there and where you stand on them. Even if you can only put in a HALF HOUR on Saturday, we'll take it! On another NOTE- Hours for PP this week are as follows. Monday 12:00 to 2:30, Thursday & Friday 3-5. See you Saturday, send me an e-mail! Sincerely, Lynn Mills Abortion must END! Please see the attachments we will be handing out.

Reproductive Freedom for All Petition REVISED 3.7.22
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REMINDER: GOFM holds the firm stance that everyone needs to remove their offspring from the schools. The schools are a detriment to our offspring, our families, our society and the foundations of our freedom. This will be the fastest way that the schools will get the message. Then, you can really reign them in. They look at your offspring as a commodity (a product, a ward of the state), not as living beings (your heirs, offspring, private property). You must engage in their thinking and remove their commodity (your offspring, your private property) from them. Language is very important in this. We choose to use the language we do purposefully. As you investigate and research our Constitution and the history, our language choices will make sense to you. Be sure to go to our Homeschool page under our Resources tab on the website.

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