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CTA: #ParentsAreWatching

The FDA is coming for our children and we need your help to stop them.

As you've probably heard, the FDA wants to grant Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Pfizer’s COVID shots for children under 5. They are scheduled to meet for April 6 and it is possible the EUA will be part of the discussion. We need to act NOW.

In the spirit of collaboration, parents from many organizations and groups came together to create this powerful video to let the FDA know that #ParentsAreWatching . The video highlights the questions and concerns parents have regarding the safety and necessity of these products and demonstrates that parents, grandparents, doctors, scientists and others are paying close attention.

We’re inviting you to share the #ParentsAreWatching video and help it go viral. We know the power of United Simultaneous action to help evade the thought police (algorithms)!

At 3pm today, we are inviting parents, thought leaders and defenders of children to simultaneously share this video

and action campaign on all of their social media platforms and push this out to their networks.

Video: Parents Are Watching Video

Action Alert:

We need your help in sharing this message and bringing attention to an approval process that’s incredibly compromised. The FDA hopes to sneak this through with as little fanfare as possible given disappointing clinical trial results and growing evidence of rapidly waning immunity. But we can’t afford to let this decision slip under the radar.

That’s why we also need you to help flood the FDA with emails! Please share our one-click campaign so that every FDA decision-maker gets the message that #ParentsAreWatching and that we expect them to #FollowTheScience and do their job to #ProtectOurChildren.

Your help is vital. We know where this is headed. Granting Pfizer this EUA will be the first step toward adding COVID shots to the CDC’s recommended childhood schedule and permanently removing liability for these dangerous and unnecessary products.

We hope you will join us in this united simultaneous action. Please help us amplify the voices of parents and concerned citizens by sharing on your platforms along with the hashtags #ParentsAreWatching, #ProtectTheChildren, #AllEyesOnFDA and #FollowTheScience.

Wording for Social Media Platforms...

The Kids Are Alright

Healthy kids don’t need mRNA shots

Tell the FDA there’s no need to spike babies and kids with a shot that's not safe, effective or necessary. #ParentsAreWatching #AllEyesOnFDA

Captured regulatory agencies are “doctoring” and “settling” science.

Media is “programming” the public.

But #ParentsAreWatching. We won’t let our kids become collateral damage to the next narrative variant. #AllEyesOnFDA

Shots Fired!

It's time to #FollowTheScience The FDA wants to fast-track Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approval for the Pfizer shot for kids under 5. What’s the rush? There is no emergency. Healthy children don’t die of C*VID-19 and these shots don’t work. Only 12% efficacy after a month and nearly 45,000 reports of adverse events in children? No thanks. Tell the FDA NO on the Pfizer jab for kids under 5. #ParentsAreWatching #AllEyesOnFDA

Don’t let the FDA pull a fast(tracked) one!

The C*VID injections don’t work and Pfizer and the FDA know it. Although Pfizer’s clinical trial data is lacking, the U.S. government has already purchased millions of doses. In the meantime, the FDA hopes you won’t notice while it quietly grants an EUA for the Pfizer jab for kids under 5. Babies and kids deserve better. Tell the FDA NO on the Pfizer jab for kids under 5. #ParentsAreWatching

No Vaccination Without Representation.

The FDA wants to grant Emergency Use Authorization for Pfizer’s shot for kids under 5. Why?

There is no emergency for kids.

There is no sufficient data that it works.

There is growing evidence that these shots will seriously harm and even kill some children. Close to 100 kids are already dead after being injected according to VAERS.

We don’t need any more. Tell the FDA NO on the Pfizer jab for kids under 5. #ParentsAreWatching #AllEyesOnFDA

Feel free to repurpose the information above or to use the sample messaging below. Mark your calendars for an emergency call on Tuesday 4/5/22 at 8PM EST with follow up instructions for a Twitter storm on Wednesday 4/6/22.

Thank you in advance for helping us to protect one of our nation’s most vulnerable populations—infants and young children. Our children will thank you one day. We thank you now.

Contact: Stephanie Locricchio

REMINDER: GOFM holds the firm stance that everyone needs to remove their offspring from the schools. The schools are a detriment to our offspring, our families, our society and the foundations of our freedom. This will be the fastest way that the schools will get the message. Then, you can really reign them in. They look at your offspring as a commodity (a product, a ward of the state), not as living beings (your heirs, offspring, private property). You must engage in their thinking and remove their commodity (your offspring, your private property) from them. Language is very important in this. We choose to use the language we do purposefully. As you investigate and research our Constitution and the history, our language choices will make sense to you. Be sure to go to our Homeschool page under our Resources tab on the website.

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