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CTA: Leave Comments For The FDA Targeting Babies with Experimental Shot

On June 15, 2022, the FDA will be holding a meeting to seek approval of the Emergency Use Authorization for the Covid-19 vaccine to be administered to pediatric patients aged 6 months up to 4 years of age.

Per the set guidelines the FDA will be accepting comments from the general public in regard to this matter. These comments may be for or against the approval and administration of the Covid-19 vaccination but must be submitted BEFORE MIDNIGHT JUNE 7, 2022. In addition, if this measure is approved it could allow for the Covid-19 pediatric vaccine to be added to the Early Childhood Vaccination Schedule, meaning it would be required for infants and children to attend daycare, school, camps, sports, etc. It is also important to note that once a vaccine is added to the Childhood Vaccination Schedule the pharmaceutical manufacturers are released permanently from any and all liability and cannot be prosecuted for any negative effects resulting from the use of the vaccine. We need each and every one of our fellow freedom fighters to use this opportunity to make your voice heard. This will be the ONLY opportunity we have at protecting our children from this experimental vaccine that has failed to prove the benefit would outweigh the risk.

FDA Comment Link

Instructions here

Thanks to The People's Movement-Michigan for putting this Call-To-Action together.

REMINDER: GOFM holds the firm stance that everyone needs to remove their offspring from the schools. The schools are a detriment to our offspring, our families, our society and the foundations of our freedom. This will be the fastest way that the schools will get the message. Then, you can really reign them in. They look at your offspring as a commodity (a product, a ward of the state), not as living beings (your heirs, offspring, private property). You must engage in their thinking and remove their commodity (your offspring, your private property) from them. Language is very important in this. We choose to use the language we do purposefully. As you investigate and research our Constitution and the history, our language choices will make sense to you. Be sure to go to our Homeschool page under our Resources tab on the website.

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