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CTA: How Can I Help Guardians Of Freedom Michigan in 2022?

Dear GOFM supporter/partner,

Thank you for your interest in Guardians of Freedom Michigan, a community liberties organization!

In order for Guardians of Freedom Michigan (GOFM) to bring about the change needed, we must expand throughout the state. The best way to do this is to have more people willing to be meeting leaders in their area. Would you consider doing this?

You would be a great help in reaching your community with the mission of GOFM.

As a meeting leader you are able to choose the meeting day, time and frequency that is best for you. We ask that you choose a day and time that you can consistently hold your meeting. We are happy to talk with you further regarding this and will provide guidance and support for your meetings to be successful. Please look at our Freedom Groups on our website.

Other ways you can help:

● Recruiting - please speak with other like-minded people about our movement

and forward them to our website.

● Call to Actions - please participate in our call to actions. These are often

letter/email writing campaigns. Encouragement to run for local office and board seats. Sometimes boycotts and serving notice affidavits.

● Events - please participate in our fundraising events and even organize

a local event yourself.

● Donations - please donate financially to our organization. We need money

for the lawsuits; there is no way around it. We never ask the plaintiffs to pay for the lawsuits that GOFM is helping them with on behalf of Michiganders. We offer options for one-time donations and subscription donations, here.

Thank you for considering what you can do to help protect freedom.

YOU are imperative to the success of GOFM and we appreciate your desire to make Michigan a better place. Please prayerfully consider your part in making this a success.

Please let us know how you intend to take part in our community liberties organization.

In Freedom,

Joie Vawter, Director and Rachel Weaver, Co-Director


Guardians of Freedom Michigan

P.O. Box 836 Walled Lake, MI 48390

Donations are not tax deductible


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Guardians of Freedom Michigan is 100% grassroots volunteer run.