CTA: GOFM Supporter, Ross Needs Our Urgent Help!

February 2022

A local Michigan man and strong supporter of all things freedom is in need of a life-saving kidney transplant but has been notified by the University of Michigan that he must take the Convid shot within three months in order to stay on the list. In November of 2021 the policy was implemented to coerce those on the transplant waiting list to take the Convid shot. More recently in February the policy was updated again to coerce everyone, active and on hold, to take the Convid shot. This is NOT okay!

Ross Barranco has been on the transplant list since early 2021. No one should be coerced into taking a medical procedure against their will. Given that the shot does not prevent anyone from “contracting or spreading” the “disease” it should not be a prerequisite to other medical treatments. Withholding medical care due to “vaccination” status must not be allowed to continue. The current medical community is not following the Hippocratic Oath but instead have become hypocrites.

We must retain our bodily autonomy! We are asking everyone to contact the hospital call center at 1-800-333-9013 and let them know how you feel about this form of discrimination. Please stick to the facts in the hospital's letter. We cannot have a repeat of past genocides and must effectively change public perception of ethics. All lives are valuable, not just those that take an ineffective Convid shot.

Rep. Ben Cline (VA-6) has introduced H.R. 6534, the Stop Arduous Vaccine Enforcement (SAVE) Act of 2022. Send an email to your Member of Congress here,

Rachel Weaver

Here is the Cease and Desist Letter for all C 19 shots from the World Health Council.

Please print off the World Health Council's Cease and Desist and serve it to all that are in violation.

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