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CTA: Comments Needed On The OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard On V's & Testing

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Make your voice heard by submitting a comment ASAP. Comments close Jan 18th.

We have added two link options for you, both are valid and lead you to the same place. Consider one a back up.

The 5th Circuit Court has halted this insanity. It is our job to leave comments to OSHA that lawyers can access for the lawsuits. Let's do a brilliant job like always. Use facts, the law of the land (the Constitution), supporting laws & documents, documentation, use OSHA's guidelines against them and logical reasoning. Try to avoid using emotion only to make your case.

There are several comments to look through to give you an idea. Be sure to add your comments because there are nearly not enough from all of us that are pushing back to protect our freedom.

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