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CTA: Cease And Desist Notice For The Schools

CALL TO ACTION – Cease and Desist

Has your county, school and/or local health department been giving you the run around with respect to masks, testing, quarantines and social distancing mandates? Have they been pointing their fingers at each other instead of helping you and your children? Are you tired of being lied to and told what you can and cannot do in your schools?

If this is the reality in your area, you may be interested in hearing about another ‘action’ tool that some parents are already using to regain their power…power that, quite honestly, parents had all along.

If you’ve already read this post: CALL TO ACTION: Taking Back Our Schools

And, you’ve followed-up with this: CTA: Stop Your County In Their Tracks Regarding The Schools

You’re up to speed and you now know the lies have been exposed in public. You might also have heard the recommendations and guidelines the boards and health departments are trying to use are NOT LAWS and you, the parents, have a choice to go along or not.

Do you realize now the boards and health departments are the ones not following the laws?

Are you ready to hold your county, school and/or local health department accountable…to the laws?

Are you ready to ‘turn the tables’ and ‘flip the script’?

(Information herein is absent intent as legal advice.)

What is a Cease and Desist Letter, Notice, Order

The sample letter (below) can be filled out for local health officers, county commissioners, school board members and school superintendents. Then, sign, date, and mail certified restricted delivery. Or, hand deliver depending on your intent and next steps you plan to take.

A cease and desist letter does not automatically signify a lawsuit. It is simply a warning about illegal behavior that lets another party know that further penalties could follow if their behavior continues.

A cease and desist order is different from a cease and desist letter. The main difference is in terms of legality. Letters have almost no legal standing. Orders do. A cease and desist order is granted by a court. It serves as a temporary injunction. The party that receives the order must stop what they're doing until a trial can be held. After the trial, a permanent injunction may be ordered.

Use a cease and desist notice if you want to issue a formal warning to someone to stop doing what they're doing.

Usually, but not always, a cease and desist is the first formal step following an informal notification. Many people first informally ask the infringer to stop what they're doing. If they don’t, a cease and desist is the next step. It adds a weight of formality to your request. It can also serve as a step to begin further legal processes, if necessary.

A compelling reason to use a cease and desist is that it is much faster than beginning formal legal proceedings. It also often stops the offending behavior without the need to take it any further.