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Courage Is Doing Something While Scared, Bravery Is Acting Regardless

Courage is doing something while scared. Bravery is acting regardless of how fast your heart is pumping. I did it three times in the last month and never thought ever that I would have to do such scary stuff.

About two months ago, a friend of mine was telling me that she has decided she will no longer visit her friend in the nursing home. Why? Because they required that she either takes the brain swab test or be vaccinated. She used to do the swab test, but felt that since she already got COVID, she shouldn't have to submit. Her friend is 94 years old and was very lonely.

So what did I do? I got together with my Guardians of Freedom Michigan (GOFM) local community and said let's protest in front the nursing home. So, we did.

To see if the protest was successful, my friend went in a few days later and was allowed entry without any problems. You know the saying? You take one step forward and then take three steps backward. That's what happened.

I decided to try and visit my friend's friend in the nursing home to see if they will let me in. I didn't want the protest to be just for my friend, but for all who come in.

The first visit....very nice and interesting. The receptionist was on the phone and I waited. She offered me a mask and I said I will not wear one. She responded, "Oh good for you!"

The second visit was a different story altogether. A different receptionist was on the phone. While I was waiting for her to attend to me, a lady came out of the management office and looked at me funny. She grabbed the box of masks and I said, "No thank you." Her face was scrunched up like she ate a lemon. She walked back into the office and I counted the seconds it would take another person to come out. Not five seconds later, another lady came out. She said, "You cannot visit without a mask." I said, "I am not wearing a mask. I talked with the regional director of your nursing home and she is aware that your clients here should not be denied visitors." The lady didn't believe me so, she asked me the regional director's name. I gave it to her and she was shocked I knew her name. Long story short, we tried to find someone on their website to talk to and it was very difficult to find anyone to send an email or talk to by phone. Thankfully, another GOFM supporter & friend helped do that and was able to give me the name. I would like to say that was the end of it, but sadly it wasn't. Not wanting to admit that I won this battle, the lady asked me who I was visiting and what her room number. Thankfully, I knew that as well since, my friend told me her friend's name and room number. Think that was the end? Nope! She then said, "You must go directly to her room and must leave directly from her room to here and must not see anyone else." Gee whiz! I felt I got a spanking from the principal! Heart pumping, I walked victoriously to my new friend's room and we had a great chat.

There are still signs everywhere in the nursing home that you must either take the COVID swab test or be vaccinated and wear a mask. It is enough to make anyone think twice about wanting to visit their loved ones.

Hoping next week will be easy, but folks....the war is not over. Remember, courage is doing something while scared and bravery is acting regardless of how fast your heart is pumping.

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