CDC Cares More About The Illusion Of Safety Than Actual Safety

When the CDC doesn't want the public to think there are a lot of clotting/bleeding issues following COVID-19 shots, they just talk about very discrete symptoms, such as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, like they did when they paused the Johnson & Johnson. But there are over 250 different symptoms that are "thrombo-embolic events," the category of events that were listed as AEs (adverse events) "of concern" in the trials. If you search the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for all of those symptoms, you will find over 14,000 reports. 40% of them happened within 3 days of the shots. They happened over twice as often to women as to men. Even if you believe the "official" story that they looked not only at cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, but also more broadly at thrombosis and thrombocytopenia, here's the data I found by searching for all of the related symptoms. (There are 97 of them.) On April 12 and 13, VAERS received 14 reports of DEATHS of people with these symptoms. 14 reports in just 2 days, when they were averaging only about 1 every third day in February, and 1 or less per day in March and early April. 14 in 2 days, and half were from Janssen (Johnson & Johnson). So they paused that vaccine, supposedly investigating over the next ten days. During those 10 days, VAERS received 50 more reports of DEATHS, and over half of them were from Janssen. Then, inexplicably, they said everything was fine. The events were very rare. They would tell the doctors what to watch for. And they resumed administration of the product. The same thing happens with a lot of different symptoms. Do you want to know how many people passed out after getting the shot? Look up "loss of consciousness." But don't forget to also look up "syncope," which means the same thing. One will show over 7,000 reports, while the other has over 10,000 reports. There is some overlap from reports that included both terms in the report, but overall, more than 16,000 people passed out, most of them on the day of or the day after the shot. You'd never know if you didn't know which terms to search for. And this is how the CDC hides the extent of the damage these shots are inflicting.

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