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CALL TO ACTION: Your Child's Life Is On The Line

Your child's life is on the line. Yale Epidemiology Professor Dr. Harvey Risch says he would pull a healthy child out of public school and homeschool before he gave them this vaccine. Dr. Risch is one of the most academically cited American epidemiologists alive today.

Watch the video, here.

Note from Guardians of Freedom Michigan:

This fraud will continue and escalate until we stop it. Join to help protect freedom.

We feel this is an overdue CALL TO ACTION on behalf of the people. GOFM has been encouraging families to leave the schools since the inception of Guardians of Freedom Michigan. Rachel & I have been calling for families to leave the schools for nearly two decades in their personal lives as we each chose the home education path for our own families. We believe that a mass exodus of the schools is best.

We offer Homeschool Informational Meetings to empower families to remove their offspring from the abusive & corrupt schools (public & private).

We have also put together an entire resource page on our website for Michigander's that are looking into, want to or are ready to homeschool. Go to our Homeschooling page, here.

MDHHS removed their video from YouTube so instead see the Breitbart article.

The video explaining the federal dollars for the schools.

To freedom,

Joie & Rachel

Guardians of Freedom Michigan Founders

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