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CALL TO ACTION: Time To Disrupt The DANGEROUS Narrative Against Concerned Fathers & Mothers

GOFM supporters & fellow defenders of freedom,

There is another harmful narrative being pushed by the tyranny perps. Let's do what we are so very good at yet again...It is time to DISRUPT THE NARRATIVE, let's go!

"Threats and harassment simply CANNOT BE TOLERATED and they need to stop. You can help.

TELL US Have you, a relative, or friend been harassed or threatened while performing your duties as a school official? If you’d be willing to share your story, you would help us demonstrate exactly why the Michigan Legislature needs to pass this bill and make the safety of anyone who works in schools a priority NOW.

Senate Bill 689 would ensure that those who seek to cause teachers, staff, and administrators harm will face the consequences of their actions."

Now, let's disrupt the narrative, click here.


Note from GOFM:

Guardians of Freedom Michigan highly encourages all that have their heirs in the schools to remove them and home educate them. They will be safe and get the best education as well as the freedom to reach their true potential for life. Rachel & Joie are homeschool veterans and have yet to regret the sacrifices they made to make home education a priority in each of their family's. You can do it too! GOFM has a top notch Homeschooling page to empower and guide you. GOFM also offers free Homeschool Empowerment & Informational Meetings as much as possible by other homeschool veterans. Please keep watch for them as they pop up on our Events page.

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