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Call To Action: Oakland County Commissioner Meeting, Be There To Protect Freedom

UPDATE: The Democrats on the Oakland County commission decided to cancel the meeting that was scheduled to take place on Wed., Aug. 18 where patriots were scheduled to gather by the hundreds. HOWEVER, Democrats will be meeting at the same location on Thursday, Aug. 19 at 6pm at the board of commissioners meeting to conduct their caucus. This meeting is subject to the Open Meetings Act so people can attend even if there is no open comment. Feel free to show up, and let the Democrats know that there are eyes on them and they cannot sneak through any of their freedom-destroying schemes without the public being fully aware! The board of commissioners office is located at 1200 North Telegraph Rd, Pontiac, MI 48341.

Front-line nurse Katie Kirn could be facing termination from Henry Ford Health Systems after blowing the whistle about abusive practices happening to her on the job where she was being harassed and coerced to submit to vaccine mandates.

Activists Demand Oakland County Democrats Pass Crucial Civil Rights Ordinance After Nurse is Facing Repercussions for Speaking Out Against Vaccine Coercion The activists are demanding that Democrats pass measures protecting the civil rights of individuals refusing the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. Democrats have refused to ban vaccine passports and are now disenfranchising public comment after walking out in a flagrant display of disrespect toward activists at a prior meeting. WATERFORD, MI (Aug. 16, 2021) --- Activists are demanding for the Democrat-majority county commission in Oakland County to pass an ordinance that will protect the rights of individuals who exercise their 1st Amendment right to refuse the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. The ordinance has been prepared by freedom-of-choice advocates and is titled, “An Ordinance to Protect Medical Freedom and Ensure Equal Access Without Regards to Vaccination Status.” The prior two Oakland County board of commissioners meetings were packed, and Democrat disenfranchisement efforts backfired mightily. Two nurses spoke of the hellish ordeal they were forced to endure at Henry Ford Health Systems, giving testimony that went viral over multiple social media platforms, and there is more of a focus on the commissioners’ corrupt behavior than ever before. One of those nurses, Katie Kirn, is facing potential termination from Henry Ford Health Systems as a result of speaking out. Henry Ford Health Systems has gone on the offensive as well, getting in the press to push pro-vaccine propaganda in an attempt to shield themselves from criticism for harassing and threatening the nurses. The video of the nurses speaking out at the prior county commission meeting can be seen here:

Melissa Williams, an organizer with Stand Up Oakland County, is organizing a large protest for the next county commissioners meeting, which is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 18, (rescheduled to Thursday Aug. 19)to make sure that the momentum continues and awareness continues to build against heinous civil rights violations that are being perpetrated in the name of public health. “We are bringing a county-wide grievance of medical discrimination, deeply affecting careers, livelihoods, health, human and civil rights, and lives,” Williams told Advance Oakland. “We are shocked as a county, how out of touch some of these elected officials are with the residents and their urgent needs,” she added. Williams believes that grassroots pressure is the only way to root out systemic corruption and injustice that is coming from Oakland County Democrats on the county commission. “We are learning so much about who we elected right now,” she said. “Actions speak much louder than words. Now, as a county, we have plenty of experience seeing what these elected officials are made of, and this will impact the election next year.” The proposed ordinance, which is based off of legislation banning vaccine passports that has passed in the state house, reads in part as follows: “WHEREAS the Board of Commissioners are authorized by statute to adopt ordinances that relate to County affairs; and WHEREAS to protect the Constitutional and statutory rights of persons to equal protection under the law; and WHEREAS to secure the legally guaranteed civil rights of all persons; and WHEREAS to protect the medical freedom of all persons; and WHEREAS to ensure equal access to County owned, leased, or financially-supported buildings, services, courts and property bu all persons without regard to vaccination status; and WHEREAS the Board of Commissioners has welcomed citizen input and conducted a public hearing in accordance with the requirements of the Standing Rules of the Board of Commissioners, NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Oakland County Board of Commissioners hereby adopts this ordinance.” Activists are being encouraged to appear at the Oakland County board of commissioners on Wednesday, Aug. 18 at 5:30 pm to show that attempts at disenfranchising activists will not be successful in pacifying the public. The board of commissioners office is located at 1200 North Telegraph Rd, Pontiac, MI 48341. For more information, visit for a resource center on the issue of vaccine passports and other mandates to sidestep the Bill of Rights to coerce vaccination compliance.

This article is provided by Advance Oakland.

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