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Call To Action: From Rescue Michigan Coalition Regarding Vaccines

Lawmakers are returning to Lansing from their summer vacation (I mean, "constituent work period") in less than two weeks. Since their break began in June, the federal government and many private entities have been radically ramping up their efforts to coerce the American public to take the COVID vaccines – vaccines they may not need due to natural immunity, may not trust because of the lack of testing and reports of serious side effects, may object to on religious grounds due to the use of aborted fetal cells in their development, or may simply refuse as an exercise in asserting the fundamental human right to decide what drugs we inject into our bodies. Representative Sue Allor introduced two critical bills for health freedom:

• House Bill 4471 would prohibit employers from requiring employees to get vaccinated as a condition of employment (something that should already be prohibited by the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Nuremberg Code, but who trusts the courts anymore?) •House Bill 4667 would prohibit government entities (including public schools) from requiring vaccination as a condition of using these public services.

4667 has passed the House and awaits action in the Senate. 4471 has not moved since it was introduced. Sign the petition to our state lawmakers to demand vaccine freedom NOW! Cynics might say that our evil governess, Gretchen Whitmer, would veto these bills, so what's the point in petitioning our government? Several reasons: 1. To put each of our lawmakers on record whether they support liberty or tyranny. Our petition requests they respond to you by stating their position on these bills in their current form. Lawmakers will often do everything to avoid going on record on legislation until it is brought to the floor for their vote. We firmly and directly ask for their position on these bills, on you if they fail to respond to your petition, it's most likely because they are hostile to liberty. 2. To demonstrate how popular freedom truly is among their constituents, and how urgent this is. Politicians often gauge public interest in issues based on how many e-mails, calls, and letters they receive, and may vote accordingly. We are already seeing government entities and employers attempting to impose vaccine mandates on citizens, students, employees, and even customers. The Detroit Regional Chamber even had the temerity to demand lawmakers submit a vaccine passport as a condition of attending their upcoming policy conference, ostensibly as guests of honor. 3. Signing, sharing, and spreading this petition will inform and encourage every supporter of liberty who sees it. Our petition is detailed, making a comprehensive case for health freedom (read it at the bottom of this email.) That's to inform the public as well as the politicians on the most effective and strategic talking points on this fundamental issue of personal freedom. (Big thanks to attorney Robert Barnes and the Children's Health Defense, from whom we borrowed heavily in crafting this petition.) We're not just sending the politicians a message: We're providing you with the most powerful arguments to make the case to your fellow citizens, including those who may have already taken the vaccine, with or without hesitation. Our website makes it extremely simple for you to simply enter your name and email address and send the petition to your representative and senator in Lansing. Sign the petition to our state lawmakers to demand vaccine freedom NOW! Of course, next year we will also see to it that every candidate for public office takes a position on these critical issues – feel free to forward this to any candidates you might know that are already running. Right now, the top priority is putting the politicians in Lansing on record. We need to know where they stand – and you have a right to know. They are, after all, your representatives. So please do your part to put your representatives on record, and sign the petition to our state lawmakers to demand vaccine freedom right away. And remember, when it comes time to hold those who refused or simply failed to defend liberty accountable when they come asking for your vote, the more resources we can deploy into the field to expose their record, the more effective we can be. We are counting on your support for this project. Please make a rush donation to the Rescue Michigan Coalition at this link. If you've been receiving our emails for very long, you know that the Rescue Michigan Coalition does not hesitate to hold politicians' feet to the fire. Whether they're Republican or Democrat, the only issues that matter are whether or not they will support, defend, and consistently vote for personal liberty. A few politicians are willing to defend our values regardless of the headwinds they face with the political establishment in Lansing and in Washington. But they are rare. Most of them will only vote for liberty when the public outcry is too great to ignore. That's why we built to empower the grassroots with the tools and training to organize locally: tools like voter files, petitioning tools, and more. The Rescue Michigan Coalition has been informing, training, and equipping grassroots leaders throughout Michigan: For election integrity and for our fundamental freedoms: freedom of movement, freedom of commerce, and freedom to decide for ourselves what medicines we take. We can only do this with your support. If you can, please support the Rescue Michigan Coalition at this link. Thanks for all you do for Liberty, Adam de Angeli President Rescue Michigan Coalition P.S. Rescue Michigan is funded entirely by contributions from grassroots supporters like you. Please support the Rescue Michigan Coalition at this link. P.P.S. The full text of the petition is below. Click here to add your name to it. PETITION TO LANSING LAWMAKERS WHEREAS, people have a God-given, inherent natural right to make their own medical decisions and to decide to refrain to taking a drug they do not need or do not want; and WHEREAS, a policy of mandatory drug usage is an affront to human dignity and personal freedom because it violates our basic right to control our bodies; and WHEREAS, informed consent is the guiding light of all medicine, in accord with the Nuremberg Code of 1947, which stated every person must "be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision" for any medical experimental drug; and WHEREAS, the Food and Drug Administration's rushed approval of the Pfizer vaccine notwithstanding, no vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus has been adequately tested to meet the rigorous standards ordinarily required of all drugs. Rigorous testing is especially needed for drugs that employ radically new technology never approved by the FDA for medical use and never administered to healthy humans before. These vaccines are produced from gene therapy platforms whose safety and efficacy has not been fully assessed, and the risks of taking these mRNA vaccines are not well-known or fully understood. These vaccines skipped testing for genotoxicity, mutagenicity, teratogenicity, and oncogenicity. In other words, it is unknown whether or not they will change human genetic material, cause birth defects, reduce fertility, or cause cancer; and WHEREAS, the right to refused forced injections, such as the Chinese coronavirus vaccine, implements the internationally agreed legal requirement of informed consent established in the Nuremberg Code of 1947; and WHEREAS, the Americans with Disabilities Act proscribes, punishes, and penalizes employers who invasively inquire into their employees' medical status and then treat those employees differently based on their perceived medical status, as the many AIDS-related cases of decades ago fully attest; and WHEREAS, constitutional law, international law, specific statutes and the common law of torts all forbid conditioning access to employment, education, or public accommodations upon coerced, invasive medical examinations and treatment, unless the employer can provide objective, scientifically validated evidence of the threat from the employee and how no practicable alternative could possibly suffice to mitigate such supposed public health threat and still perform the necessary essentials of employment; and WHEREAS, there are insufficient data to know whether the vaccines actually prevent asymptomatic infection or prevent transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19. Recent data from the U.S. (in Massachusetts) and abroad (for example, Israel and the United Kingdom) suggest that these vaccines are failing to provide protection against COVID-19, that vaccinated and unvaccinated people are equally likely to carry and spread the virus, and that viral variants, such as the Delta variant, appear to be infecting vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in roughly equal numbers; and WHEREAS, there are compelling data to show that the natural immunity developed from having contracted COVID-19 provides far superior protection than any vaccine on the market today, and those with natural immunity are better protected and safer than those who have not but received the vaccine; and WHEREAS, conditioning employment upon participating in a medical experiment and demanding disclosure of private, personal medical information invades the protected right to privacy and discriminates against people based on their perceived medical status, in contravention of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA prohibits employers from invasive inquiries about their medical status, and that includes questions about diseases and treatments for those diseases, such as vaccines. As the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission makes clear, an employer can only ask medical information if the employer can prove the medical information is both job-related and necessary for the business. If an employer asserts the employee's medical status (such as being unvaccinated against a particular disease) precludes employment, then the employer must prove that the employee poses a "safety hazard" that cannot be reduced with a reasonable accommodation. The employer must prove, with objective, scientifically validated evidence, that the employee poses a materially enhanced risk of serious harm that no reasonable accommodation could mitigate. This requires the employee's medical status cause a substantial risk of serious harm, a risk that cannot be reduced by any other means. This is a high and difficult burden for employers to meet; and WHEREAS, employers are being intensely pressured by the Biden Administration to impose vaccine mandates upon their employees, forcing employers to choose between depriving employees of their rights under the law and exposing themselves to significant legal risk, or risk loss of favor with the federal government, an entity that spends trillions of dollars annually and is the primary source of revenue for many employers; and WHEREAS, the right of Americans to pursue an occupation in their calling has long been recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the entire body of American workers that have held the same job since the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus had no reasonable expectation that the terms of their labor agreement might be modified to compel them to take a drug they do not want or need and to furnish this private medical information to their employer as a condition of employment; and WHEREAS, forced vaccines constitute a form of battery, and the Supreme Court long made clear "no right is more sacred than the right of every individual to the control of their own person, free from all restraint or interference of others"; and WHEREAS, each of the manufacturers of the COVID vaccines currently available developed and confirmed their vaccines using fetal cell lines, which originated from aborted human babies. For example, each of the currently available COVID vaccines confirmed their vaccine by protein testing using the abortion-derived cell line HEK-293. Partaking in a vaccine made from aborted babies would make millions of Michiganders complicit in an action that offends their religious faith; and WHEREAS, every resident of Michigan is entitled to know where their representatives in the Michigan Legislature stand on this fundamental question of human freedom facing every Michigander; NOW THEREFORE, we the undersigned call upon our state lawmakers to have a recorded roll call vote on the House and Senate Floor for House Bills 4471 and 4667, to advocate for a recorded roll call vote on these bills, to vote to pass these bills when brought to a vote, and to immediately reply to this petition by stating their position on these bills as written.

GOFM gives special thanks to PIME Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections for bringing this to our attention to share.

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