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Call To Action: FDA Set To Approve Pfizer Kill Shot

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

UPDATE: Don't give up hope! I am told the announcement today from the FDA was still not a full approval. Please read the second paragraph of page two and the top of page twelve.

UPDATE: FDA approved Pfizer vax early this morning.

Please call the FDA ASAP and leave a message for the department that is set to approve the Pfizer kill shot. Below are a few facts that you can mention in your call. If anyone has more facts, please share. The phone number is (855) 543-3784, then press 5, then 1 to get to the appropriate dept.

1. Open Vaers site now has over 13,000 deaths, and we know that only 1% report 2. CDC Wonder site has as many or more adverse events for Pfizer than Moderna and the J&J shot, so why are they approving Pfizer. 3. Pfizer has a 39% efficacy against the virus reported by Isreal (the most vaccinated population in the world), and by FDA's own guidelines it must have 50% efficacy.( 4. Pfizer was not be approved until 2023, why are they jumping ahead 2 years? (I'm sure from government pressure, or global leader pressure. 5. The danger to people under 30 due to myocarditis is astronomical, damaging heart tissue that will never grow back. In early June, there were over 3,600 cases (if you take their number of 12.6 per 1 million the time there were approximately 300,000 million doses given). Reminder, this was before it was "approved" to give to 12 to 18 yr olds. 6. No long-term studies available for what will happen in the winter when the flu/virus season gets here 7. No long-term studies on pregnant women, although the New England Journal of Medicine (Tom T Shimabukuro, et al) did a study that had frightening results. Findings were 104 of the 127 pregnancies that were in their first trimester were lost (82%). The fine print stated that 96 of the 104 were before 13 weeks, which is actually 92.3% of the babies died. There were other findings with the 2nd and 3rd trimesters but were not as terrifying as the 1st-trimester pregnancies. Normal miscarriage pre-covid in the first trimester according to the study is 10-26%. 8. No long-term study on covid recovered who have natural immunity now.

9. Mention FDA stopped SARS vax trial after only 25 deaths.

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