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Call To Action: Do Not Comply For Our Kid's Sake

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Why NOT to comply with the CDC masking order on public transportation?

On January 29, 2021, the CDC issued an order requiring face masks to be worn by all people while on public transportation. The full text of the order can be found at Most public schools are interpreting this order to apply to school buses and walking back prior commitments not to require masks on buses. While it is understandable how a school might come to this conclusion, we the people need to stand up and insist that our schools defy this over-reaching order.

What are the consequences of non-compliance?

I’m not entirely sure what the consequences of non-compliance will be because it isn’t clearly stated on the CDC’s website and a Google search just clarifies what the mask order is. Many are under the impression that non-compliance with orders like the CDC masking order could impact school funding. That is mostly FALSE. The K-12 funding public act for this upcoming year does not link compliance with funding. Don’t just go based on what I say, take a look at the bill yourself. This bill has been signed into law and can be found at,

The only potential funding impact that I am aware of that could be related to non-compliance may be the district’s eligibility to receive some of the ARP ESSER fund dollars. I say, “may” because districts were required to post their “Safe Return to In-Person and Continuity of Services Plan” on their websites by June 24,2021. That plan may include something about masking on buses, I don’t know because I can’t find it on my school’s website. For more information on the ARP ESSER fund dollars, refer to Pam Popper’s post at So let’s say we miss out on some Federal money as a result of defying the CDC order, so what? What’s the price of our liberties? What’s the price of our kids’ physical and mental health? I can’t speak for all parents but my kids’ liberties, mental and physical health are worth a heck of a lot more to me than some “free” federal money that will just bankrupt the next generation anyways.

What if the School get’s sued?

Some people will accept something like this CDC mask mandate to avoid a fight with the Federal Government. They’re so powerful that as individuals we tend to feel like it’s pointless to resist the giant and incredibly powerful bureaucracy that is our Federal Government. I would remind those people that the Federal Government derives 100% of their power from WE THE PEOPLE. Stop giving them the authority to dictate whether or not we cover our faces. Stop giving them the authority to dictate whether or not we keep our businesses open. Stop giving them the authority to dictate how we interact with one another. If the Federal Government takes action against your school, rally your community to support your school. Insist that your school board hold FIRM no matter what. Hold fund-raisers, come together as a community and don’t allow your own Federal Government to bully you. Remember that you’re helping to fund this monstrosity of a Federal Government. That’s like paying your bully a salary and hoping that they’ll stop beating you up if you do what they want. Instead, get up and punch that bully in the face (metaphorically speaking of course).

Who should set the Covid policy for my school?

From my research, Covid policies are mostly set by the District’s Superintendent. This is an abdication of responsibility on the part of the school board in my opinion. In all fairness, they are mostly all taught to be a rubber stamp for the Administration when they first become school board members so if they believe what they’re told to believe then they think they’re doing everything correctly. This is where we the community need to speak up and demand that these decisions are made by our local elected officials rather than an un-elected bureaucrat. If we allow the Superintendent to continue to set these policies then he or she can easily walk back that policy without even allowing community feedback. Of course the community can share their thoughts at the next board meeting AFTER the decision is made but then we’re already at a dis-advantage. We need to be more pro-active and more assertive to demand that these policies are set by our elected officials based on the will and values of the community. The board is there to be OUR voice, they are not there to be a rubber stamp for the Superintendent. The Superintendent should be there not to set policies like this but rather to execute the policies that are approved by our Board of Education. That’s not to say that the Superintendent shouldn’t be involved in policy discussions, I expect the Superintendent to do the majority of the legwork and to draft the policies but it should all be based on board direction. The final policy decisions MUST reside with the board.

How to address my School Board?

It’s important to remember that school board members are unpaid elected officials. It’s a thankless and time consuming job. The chances are very good that every single member of your school board is there because they genuinely care. It is important to remember that even if they disagree with you on all of the policy issues, they are probably there for the kids. Suggestions for addressing your board:

· DO

o Remember that you are not the only one who is nervous talking in front of crowds, most of us are nervous when we’re talking to a crowd. Nobody is going to care if you slip up or say something stupid, instead they will remember the really good speeches with which they could relate. Get up there and risk making a fool of yourself, chances are good that there will be many more who agree with you.

o Be your authentic self, focus on your message rather than trying to present an image

o Show your passion even if that means yelling. If you are going to show your passion then you MUST stay on point with your message and avoid personal attacks on the board or the administration. Remember that you need to be able to work with these people if you are going to accomplish anything.

o Be prepared with facts, do some research ahead of time on the issue that you are speaking on. You will make more progress the more that you can point to objective facts in support of your position.

o Give your board a specific call to action, this is important. I intend to ask my board at the next meeting to pass a resolution setting the school’s mask policy. The resolution needs to state that masks are optional on all school property (including buses) and that the policy cannot be changed or reversed without board approval.

o Understand that your board might not be willing to make a long-term policy decision based on one Call to the Public. Chances are good that they will not. Instead, consider asking for something less permanent to deliver an incremental win. In addition to asking my board for a resolution to require that masks are optional, I will ask them for a temporary resolution barring any changes to the school’s mask policies until a vote can be held at the next meeting. This prevents the Superintendent from walking back the policy and making a decision that he or she really has no right to make and it gives the board time to think about it and do their own research.

o Seriously consider pulling your kids out of the public education system and homeschooling them until your district gets its act together and stands against the medical tyranny that is being imposed across the globe. Guardians of Freedom Michigan (GOFM) has some wonderful homeschool resources available to help you get started!


o Give up. Never give up, no matter what. We will all face defeat in this fight. That cannot be a deterrent, or we have already lost. Stand up for what you know to be right.

o Compromise on matters where there is no room for compromise. There is no compromise when it comes to forced masking, testing or even vaccinations (coming to a school near you soon). Those are personal decisions that NOBODY has the right to force on our kids. That is not something that any parent should even consider compromising on.

o Sit it out and assume or hope that someone else is handling it. We NEED your help! We NEED more community involvement in order to win. Now is the time, we simply cannot afford to give up any more Liberties. Join the fight today!

The video explaining the federal dollars for the schools.

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