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Call To Action: Boycott Mackinac Policy Conference

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Well it is clear that the Detroit Regional Chamber is gone off the deep in. They are putting on the Annual Policy Conference Sept 20-24 on Mackinaw Island and they are requiring a clear pass – they are just not calling it a Vaccine Passport Mackinac Policy Conference - Detroit Regional Chamber ( CLEAR Health Pass, a best-in-class health screening platform, will be used to confirm attendees’ proof of vaccination. Health Pass is a free feature on the CLEAR app that creates safer environments for employees, employers, customers, and fans. With just a few steps, you can securely verify your identity and share health insights for frictionless entry to offices, stadiums, and the Conference. DEDMAND YOUR MONEY BACK BOYCOTT THE CONFERENCE PUSH BACK THEY ARE ALL RHINOS IF THEY SUPPORT THIS – DEMAND FREEDOM

Call them 964-4000 and push back

News articles about this: Shirkey says he'll crash Mackinac conference despite vaccine requirement, spouts COVID-19 misinformation on TV | News Hits ( Mackinac Policy Conference returns in 2021 with COVID vaccination requirement ( Reported to GOFM by

Ann Clark, Freedom Advocate & GOFM Supporter

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