Letter Template: Taking Back Our Schools

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

A letter you can use to present to your fellow neighbors, the school board, etc.

"We The Parents, who strive to provide our children with the best, believe our Michigan students deserve to be represented and heard. We believe our schools are best represented by those of us who live in, work and care for our communities. And, we believe it is the duty of our Local County and School Boards to serve our communities as we elected them to do.

But, do our county and school officials know their job?

In Ottawa County some are asking that question.

Chair of Ottawa County Commissioners Asks Governor To Confirm Lack of Authority - Ottawa Impact

All across Michigan, in every county, we the parents, want to know the answer.

In Livingston County, parents have asked our county commissioners and our school administrators to please join parents in opposition to unlawful forced shots, quarantines, tests and masks.

And, we have pleaded with our school administrators to advocate for our students and be the voice that acknowledges parents are the authority in making decisions for what is best for their children.

We asked them to help promote the whole health of the child and to better understand this is not only a health issue but also a moral issue.

For example, as a fed up mother of 4 school aged children, I decided to take it upon myself to research whether or not my schools can require students to quarantine, to test, to vaccinate, and wear masks. I found some schools no longer quarantining students.

Then, I discovered the ‘required’ quarantines that Livingston County schools were putting on their students were strictly a recommendation and not enforceable by school administrators.

Are you wondering what else is a recommendation and not enforceable?

The following joint press release by the counties of Ottawa, Muskegon, Ionia and Kent speaks volumes.


I thought I was the only one wondering these things; but, I was able to connect with other parents in my county and my eyes were opened. We all wanted answers.

When I submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Livingston County Health Department, the puzzle got solved. I asked them whether or not they had a Public Health Order for the schools. Please read their answer here:

Do you know if your county health department issued a Public Health Order for what is going on in your school?

Without a local Public Health Order, your school is not authorized to force your children to get tested, take shots, quarantine or wear a mask.

Do you know the local health department must also hold a public hearing before issuing such an order?

Livingston County did not have a hearing and does not have an order. Now we know.

We believe Michigan parents in all school districts deserve to know about their local area and here is one way you can find out.,5885,7-339-71551_2945_5106-106630--,00.html

Take the response you get and share it with your school district officials and your county board of commissioners. Help them keep their oath of office. Help them do the right thing you elected them to do. Take back your schools!

Together we can make a difference for Freedom."

Alena Sturos Andersen (author of the above letter).

Note from Guardians of Freedom Michigan:

For these letters to be effective, you must know how to legally remove public servants from their seats. Before you do that however, you need to be ready and have properly trained people who know & comprehend the Constitution. Otherwise, this can end up being disastrous. We can no longer afford to put the cart before the horse!

To prepare:

The above letter must be served personally and you should gather up lots of bodies to bring this letter or variations on such letter.

One must learn & comprehend the Constitution (the contract) that they will be taking an Oath to uphold.

One must learn the job description, the language, the rules & procedures of the position they will be taking.

One must learn how to legally remove the public servant that is in breach of contract.

One must be ready with a letter to serve the public servant and a remedy by date. If they fulfill the remedy requirements, no additional action required.

If they refuse to fulfill the remedy requirements:

One must be ready to follow through with affidavits of complaint to the public servant's security bond agency and have more than a dozen other affiants (people filing affidavits).

One must be ready to fill the vacancy immediately and have secured their own security bond to hold their public servant job.

Things to Remember:

We the People are the benefactors of the Constitutions (USA & State).

We the People are the governing body. We vote public servants in to represent us.

We the People are the BOSS and the MANAGEMENT.

The public servants are the EMPLOYEES and the LABOR.

We the People own ALL the public buildings and EVERYTHING in them including the time of the public servants.

You need to comprehend this thoroughly and go forth with confidence. This is YOUR JOB and YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to hold them accountable.

We also encourage you to read this article, How To Challenge The School Board In 3-5 Minutes if you plan to go this route.

GOFM believes that a mass exodus of the schools is best. We will be having Homeschool Informational Meetings to empower families to remove their offspring from the abusive & corrupt schools (public & private).

MDHHS removed their video from YouTube so instead see the Breitbart article.

Stay tuned!

GOFM is looking for dedicated mom & dads for each school district that wish to challenge the school boards (K-College) in their district with their all or nothing demands about masks, testing, quarantines, shots and ultimately, flip the schoolboards.

GOFM is also looking for homeschooling moms & dads in as many districts as possible to hold Homeschool Informational & Empowerment Meetings to help create a mass exodus of the schools. Moms & dads all over need the encouragement and truth.

The video explaining the federal dollars for the schools.

To freedom,

Joie & Rachel

Guardians of Freedom Michigan Founders

We encourage you to share our articles, please be sure to give proper credit, thank you.

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