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Big Win! Federal Judge Issues TRO Against WMU's Mandatory Vaccine Policy

Information & article provided by Rescue Michigan Coalition.

Big news yesterday in the fight for medical freedom: The federal judge assigned to the case we mentioned in Monday's email has issued a temporary restraining order against Western Michigan University over its mandatory vaccine policy!

This was actually for a different case, filed just two days ago by the Great Lakes Justice Center on behalf of four college athletes seeking a religious exemption to WMU's vaccine mandate.

A temporary restraining order (TRO) is considered an unusual judicial remedy. It means the judge decided that the case was so likely to win and the need for relief so urgent that the order was issued before the parties have even had the opportunity to appear before the court and argue their claims.

In order for a TRO to be granted, the court must determine that the plaintiffs (the students) are likely to win and that the harm in not granting the order would exceed the harm in granting the order. Courts usually don't grant orders like these unless they are strongly leaning in favor the plaintiffs.

The same judge, however, denied the restraining order to the Michigan State University staff in the case we discussed in Monday's email, saying the employee was unlikely to show that MSU's vaccine mandate was not "rationally related to a legitimate governmental interest, i.e., the health and safety of the public."

Again, a temporary restraining order is considered an unusual remedy with a very high bar for success, so this is only a setback. By no means does it mean the case is lost.

However, this illustrates the road map for judicial victory is something we here at Rescue Michigan have been saying again and again, in our emails and in our videos:

We need to slam on the fact that the refusal of these entities to allow exemptions for those with the superior immunity provided by surviving Covid (as opposed to getting the vaccine) proves this is all about controlling your body and not about protecting public health.

We made a short video on today's news, which you can watch at this link on Rumble. (It's also on our YouTube channel, here. Subscribe to both!)

We review the decisions and provide the source documents where you can decide for yourself what to make of this.

And today (Thursday) at 8pm, we will be interviewing Patrice Johnson of Pure Integrity for Michigan Elections, where we will be discussing a huge development on election integrity in Michigan: the launch of the campaign (at last) for a citizen-initiated election integrity law.

That will be at this link, today (Thursday the 2nd) at 8pm.

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Thanks for all you do for Liberty,

Adam de Angeli


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