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In order to live better, we must live united and remember freedom is never free.

Join the Movement

Joining Guardians of Freedom Michigan is an opportunity to be a part of not only a group of freedom-loving patriots but a historic movement. Help us make a difference in your community.


There are many ways to show your support and partner with us. Attend our meetings, share our messages on social media, sign up on our website and share our mission. Also, donating to our efforts for protecting our freedoms.


Thank you for your support and partnership, we are grateful!

Become a Volunteer

Guardians of Freedom Michigan is a 100% volunteer organization. We rely upon the invaluable and courageous efforts of our volunteers. If you wish to participate in a truly meaningful grassroots movement with fellow patriots, let us know!

Attend a Meeting

Guardians of Freedom Michigan has Freedom Groups across the state of Michigan. Our meeting leaders update on Guardians of Freedom Michigan lawsuit progress and discuss the issues our state is facing today.

Find a Freedom Group near you!

Make a Donation

Guardians of Freedom Michigan greatly appreciates your support of our mission. Without the support and partnership of freedom lovers like you throughout Michigan and the country, our liberties in Michigan would be in question. Because of loyal partners like you, we're able to continue our work throughout the state in an effort to protect your rights.

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