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This page is a collection of organizations, links, and videos that you may find helpful in protecting freedom. We will add more resources to this page as they become available.
Know Your Rights

Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008

Title III Reg 28 CFR 36.104 explains our freedom to travel anywhere for commerce as long as you’re not breaking the law.

Reg 28 CFR 36.202 (a)(b)(c) is about denial of participation. Public Accommodation,  Participation, Benefits. The business can not deny you or remove you because they’re open to the public (you) for commerce.

Reg 28 CFR 36.203 (a)(b)(c) explains the settings of what the businesses must lawfully comply to for the public (you)

US Civil Rights Act of 1964

Title II, Title III and Title VII
This protects you from discrimination. They can’t deny you based on anything. Examples would be something like race, religion, vaccinated or not vaccinated, mask on or mask off.
Should any business violate just these laws, they are breaking the laws set in place for We The People. Unfortunately most American’s don’t know, or understand our God-given rights. If 20 people all went into a business and were denied entry, or removed for any of the above laws, and these 20 people each documented the discrimination and each filed a lawsuit they would win in court. The more lawsuits, the stronger the power and effect.  Class action lawsuits do not work to the benefit of the people. Class action lawsuits also narrow the attack and defense field of the accused. We need to overwhelm them with many individual cases.

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